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1Aiden1.jpg Aiden
Aiden is a Drigan, a species that looks like angels but they have the blood and nature of dragons. They can hide their wings and speak like humans. They also have abilities which are rare in dragons but common in them. Aiden is a loner due to the fact that she trusts no one until that trust is truely earned. She has a strong sense of honor and justice, though she is not one to rush in and be a hero. But if she happens to see someone in need of her help she won't hesitate. Her only friend is Norbu, a mystic fox.

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12copura.jpg Copura
Copura is half fairy and half horse. She's fourteen years old and very powerful, though she doesn't know she's very powerful.

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face.jpg Naysa Nightshadow
Naysa is.........well I'm still thinking

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