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Side7_CynGrey.jpg Cyn Grey
Cyn is how I see myself in my dreams. Her father was a massive, blue, draconic demon. Her mother was a sweet-natured, psychic, alien goat. Cyn was spawned with wings, but she removed them when she decided she could fly just as well without the cumbersome things. She inherited her mother's Veridans Flama, which is an aura of intense green fire that can be extended as a shield or weapon, cast as fire balls, and sometimes become visible as phantoms of her wings.

Last Modified: 04 December, 2009
Side7_Nova.jpg Nova Morgan
Nova is one of my Sonic the Hedgehog fan characters. She's a weasel, and like ALL Sonic weasels, a bounty hunter. The thing that makes her different than other fan weasels is that she's a bumbling noob and tends to screw up a lot.

Last Modified: 04 December, 2009
Side7_Yves.jpg Yves Stelluminaria
Yves is pink, and angry about it. She comes from another dimension and her hair is literally silver. She can grow it at will, and transform her body into almost anything she desires.

Last Modified: 04 December, 2009