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Casie.jpg Casie
Casie is my fancharactor for IZ. She's a young Irken girl only my age and was trusted by the Tallest (even though she is Zim's little sister.) She wound up being related to Zim because-well-let's just say Zim did something stupid and accedently made her related to him by blood. As for her human life, when she was first assighned to Earth when she was ten, she didn't bother to get a regulare SIR unet. She had made three. RALF, SAMI, & TIMY. She had spent three years on Earth untill she went to Dib & Zim's school and fell in love for the first time when she layed her eyes on Dib. And it's a realy big problem because she was supost to be taking over the Earth. So she had no choice but to give up on world conquest, and spend her 13-year-old life with the love of her life. It was hard to let go, but it was even more hard not to keep a secret from Dib. Luckily for her Dib felt the same way. Awwww.

Last Modified: 15 October, 2003
Invader_Nina.jpg Invader Nina
I made up this charactor espicially for Zim because, well, I felt bad for drawing all those pictures of him going through painful things. Anyway, Nina is an Irken woman only a cupple months younger than Zim. And when they met, the instantly fell in love. I desighned her for Zim 'cause, technically, I owe him. If it wern't for Zim I wouldn't have even DISCOVERED Dib. As for the rest of the info on Nina, she's pretty much Zim's soulmate. She is a lot like him. And I mean, a LOT-a lot. Their just as unintelligant, they both have idiot robots, and their diskyses are both as pathetic as the other. So technacally, their PERFECT for eachother.

Last Modified: 16 October, 2003
RALF, SAMI, & TIMY, (pronounced Timmy) are Casie's S.I.R. units she made all by herself before her mission. RALF, (right) is the mean, creepy, and desobidiant (can't spell) one. He is a lot like Gaz. Ya know, scary, freaky, a video game freak, and he figured it would be best if he hung out with her as friends. SAMI, (middle) is the loyal one to Casie. She alwase knows what's right or wrong. And she was the first robot to have realistic hair. (comes in handy when she puts it in a braid to smack people around with it.) TIMY, however, is a lot like GIR. Ya know, weird, loud, crazy, stupid, and just plain silly. And he loves junk food. (tee hee)

Last Modified: 21 November, 2003
Zak.jpg Zak
I just made up this charactor today! I just thought it would be nice if Tak had a boyfriend. Anyway, Zak is a lot like Tak. And he hates Nina as much as Tak hates Zim. And for the same reason, too. I desined him for Tak cuz I wanted my favorite geuststar to have somone to share her life with. And he's as cool as Tak, too. ^_^

Last Modified: 23 October, 2003