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prof-andrew.gif Andrew
A catguy created mostly for the purpose of having a catguy character. I wanted to give him a more interesting name, but he told me his name was Andrew, so that he remains. Thanks to a few unintentional similar traits to my husband, I occasionally draw him with my husband's purple-haired catgirl Lilith to express my feelings.

Last Modified: 17 October, 2005
prof-derry.gif Derry
I originally created Derry just so I could have another snake anthro, behind my former fursona. He's evolved a bit since then, and I'm not sure what kind of creature he is, but he means a lot to me. When I realized that he was the little voice in the back of my mind I often heard and spoke with, I added the wings. He has no story or anything, he's just part of my life and an occasional subject of my art.

Last Modified: 17 October, 2005
prof-kaz.gif Kaz
A... furry. I don't know what species he is, so you can figure it out for yourself. I don't draw him much these days, but he still crosses my mind occasionally, and I do like his design. If it's hard to tell, his hair is blue, but shines pink in the light.

Last Modified: 17 October, 2005
prof-sigyn.gif Sigyn
An elf. With a tail. I don't ask, it's just what he is. I've always been a sucker for elves, so I had to make one of my own. A blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty who's just a little too proud of himself and especially that hair and tail of his. He likes to pose and he loves his fangirls, though he's been known to show some seriousness from time to time, as well. Named after Loki's wife in Norse mythology. I'm not sure about having him named after a girl, but he likes it, so it's staying.

Last Modified: 17 October, 2005
prof-yoaki.gif Yoaki
My oldest surviving character, created back in the beginning of high school, arguably earlier. I thought that there were plenty of catgirl characters to be had, so to be creative, I thought I would make a foxgirl - how na´ve I was to think that was unusual. Regardless, she's grown on me and has appeared in many pictures, sometimes to express my feminine side, or to satiate fanboys. She doesn't really have a personality or anything to me, she's just a model who's usually happy and innocent, if sometimes a little flirtatious. Her name is derived from the Japanese word for "dawn."

Last Modified: 17 October, 2005