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Prida.jpg Prida
Prida is pronouced Pree-da

Prida is an original character I created in a TMNT story, called Radical Transformation (RT), in which the TMNT are transformed into Human beings, and are forced to attend school (I assure it it's not as crappy as it sounds). Anyway, Prida is a loner who they befriend, and surprise, she ends up being Raphael's friend. Anyway, the catchy bit is that the guys are Quadruplets, completly identical, so of course, these guys, in school, can't tell who is who, totally spells trouble. Eventually Prida starts getting weird thoughts about the guys' strange phrases and weird clues they so carelessly let free. And at a certain nightclub, were the whole school is at, she finally puts it together after the Quads do the Ninja Rap dance. She realizes who they are, and it leads from there.

Later that night, Prida is attacked in the streets and the quads engage some serious Foot ninjas, but they prove a bigger match than believed, and Prida is kidnapped, while the quards are seriously injured.

To cut it short, they rescue the girl, get changed back, and everything seems to be going fine until the Foot chase them, and the group gets split apart. Prida thinks she sees the turtles get blown up in a truck they were thrown into, and a few seconds later the (alive) turtles (in the burning truck) see Prida get blown up. They manage it to the sewers, while Prida is taken to hospital. She thinks the turtles are dead, and the turtles think she's dead, the end... or so it was...

... until I made a sequel, which is really crap and unforutunately I didn't know the meaning of Mary Sue when I wrote it.

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Pronnounced Tear-Ra


Species:Human, Kyatohu, Rilea

Tiirah is part of a widely know alien species throughout the galaxy, known as Kyatohu (Kya' for short). But she is also half human and a small fraction of Rilea (another alien race, both found in the galaxy Yyetz along with three other species).

She has many abilities due to her mixed species: She can shapeshift only 3 times a day; can speak through her mouth thanks to the human in her; and is immune to most viruses, cancers or illness. Except one, the common cold.

She knows nothing of the planet Earth, no language, no customs, no culture, no rules/laws, anything. But she will learn.

Story: An alien race known as the Kyatohu (dominant aliens of the galaxy Yyetz) have been stuying the human race for a while now, taking abductees and studing them further, and subjecting them to harmless tests that were no threat to the humans themselves.

One group of experiments consisted of combining Kyatohu DNA with Human DNA. But something went wrong. One of the humans had cancer, something the aliens had not seen, and something was was deadly to them. When they introduced the infected human DNA with the alien, the cancer was unleshed, infecting the other experiments and finally growing so strong it started infecting the Kyatohu themselves. The whole of the alien race was in danger, and they could not find a cure fast enough; they were all wiped out.

Except one.

The experiment that had the infected human DNA was still alive. Remarkably, the cancer had been depleted as soon as it was introduced inside this human embryo, and it had developed a highly advanced immune system to it. It continued to grow, while another species of alien (Rilea)from the galaxy cleaned out anything left of the cancer. They found the experiments, all dead except one.

The Rilea were cautious of it, but amazed such a tiny thing could survive the cancer. There were many arguments to terminate it, but for some reason it was not, and so they kept the exerpiment alive, implanting it into a voluntary female alien, Sahra.

Sahra was a certain race of Rilea; her appearance was completly different to humans, but she birthed like a female human, which was why it was appropriate to place the embryo in her, as it was half human. While it was growing, they discovered at the early stages that it would be female, and that it had many features of a human. They tried to change the genes to make it more Rilea in appearence, or at least more Kyatohu, but even with their highly advanced technology they could not edit the alien's genes. It was eventually born, with the many combinations of the species it had been introduced with: it had the body shape and features of a human; the ears and four tails of the lizard like Kyatohu; and the color of the Rilea, slightly different. But she had a pattern adorning her body that was unlike any of her species. The Rilea came to the conclusion that it was the results of the many species inside her.

She was soon accepted into the Rilea society, and grew up with her mother Sahra, her three older brothers, and her younger brother and younger sister.

But one day when she was fifteen, a terrible virus was found to have started growing, infecting a quarter of the Rilea population already, and an urgent message was called to everyone that they should leave the galaxy immediately before they caught the virus.

Tiirah and her family were evacuated on a shuttle and sent to earth, but on entering the atmosphere they were in a collision with debris, and the escape pods were automatically ejecteed, sending Tiirah in a different dirction down to earth than her family. She ended up on an island ...

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