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Silver_The_Weasel_BH[1].jpg Silver The Weasel
Name: Silver The Weasel
Nicknames: Miss Silver
Age: 24
Likes: She likes to listen to music, and being a bounty hunter (sometimes)
Dislikes: Lance (Crusher) Doberman pinscher
Species: Weasel
Eyes: Brown Hair: Silver
Abilites: She has a stun gun, and rides a sky-cycle;
but like her father she can fight, and she will do so
when necessary.
Relations- Family: Father: Grayfur The Weasel
Mother: Sweetfur Partners: Lance (Crusher)[ex-partner], Nack the Weasel,
Friends: Nack, Jared The Wolf, Kimberly The Weasel
Enemies: Lance (Crusher), Louis The Rat (the bully from Silver`s pass, details in history below).
Appearances: A silver colored weasel, with a red-orange vest and fingerless gloves. Back dress and boots, gold rings on her tail. [Note: She does not have a very big fang, it does not show as much].
Appearances in Stories: The Oddest Things can be True, Two Hunters on a Case, Trouble-Some Trouble Haunts Her, The Rat Behind the Offer, The Long Chase Over Money,
History: When Silver was 12 years old, her parents got divorced. Silver`s Mom wanted her to go with her, but Silver did not want to move away from her home. So for five years she stayed with her Father. One day she got into trouble at school, a bully made Silver look like she had stolen a necklace from a student. Her Father found out about it, Silver and her Father got into an argument. Silver got fed up, she pack up her things, and without her Father`s knowledge she snuck out of her home. She got her inheritance money out of her account and bought herself an apartment. Silver knew she had to find a job to pay for the bills and other expenses. She looked in the newspaper, and found a bounty hunters wanted ad. Silver followed the address on the ad a to a dangerous part of town. When she got there, they interviewed her, but she had a hard time being accepted because she was seventeen years old. However, they decided to hire and train her, they gave her a partner to work with named Lance the Doberman Pinscher. Everyone
called him Crusher. Silver trained and worked with Crusher for six years, but soon Crusher got into trouble with the law. He made Silver to promise not to tell anyone that she knew him, or about the trouble he was in, or where he was going. Silver did not like Crusher at all when he got angry or just being around him Silver felt her hairs on her neck stand. She didn`t have a very good feeling
inside. Now Silver has proved that she is worth of being a bounty hunter, and works solo. She is sometimes hire by her boss or by others.
Note: Please DO NOT use my character without permission. thank you.

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