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mnm_aleena.jpg Aleena Barfield
Aleena is an intergalactic bounty hunter with some past connections to Dev. She's 27 years old, a wolf and single. She's particularly crafty and the absolute best at what she does. Occassionally Seiren's government will hire her to recover stolen technology rather than deploy their military (though hiring Aleena is almost as expensive). She is very manipulative and will essentially do whatever it takes to get what she wants, often making use of her good looks to entangle men and women alike.

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homicidal_dans.jpg Dans
Dans is an escaped mental patient with an interesting quirk: he likes to hit people with golf clubs. He is a 20-year-old mutt who, for some reason, possesses a long cat-like tail worn raw at the tip. He is just as deadly with a golf club as Dev is with a katana, and the two have fought at least twice. He is flamboyantly gay and somewhat of a man-slut.

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pretty_pina.jpg Pretty Pina
Pretty Pina is the Magical Fruit who defends the planet Conetoe. She was once an ordinary 8-year-old Pineapple, until Queen Turnip from the land of Frutopia gave her a magic wand. Whenever Pineapple says the words "pretty citrus tropical recall" she transforms into her magical alterego to save the day. Pretty Pina's nemesis is an evil and equally-powerful Orange named Vitamin Cici.

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sexy_kitty_boi.jpg Seishae (Dev)
"Dev" is (possibly) the main character. He's a wandering martial artist who takes up odd jobs to survive. Dev is a 17-year-old white tiger but also a full-blooded Magister and possesses the power of pyrokinesis, which allows him to inflame his hands, feet or any weapon he's holding (usually the blade of a sword of the head of an arrow). He has a lot of emotional baggage and tends to spend most of his money on prostitutes trying to fill the void in his heart that comes from lack of affection. Being the last known Magister he is often targeted by people who intend to harness his power for evil ends, which he wants no part of. Dev carries a katana wherever he goes and almost never wears a shirt, either because he's naturally built for cold weather or because he finds himself sexy.

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Vince Xavior
Vince is a 17-year-old fruit bat/ hipster doofus. He sometimes hangs out with Dev and Angela but he isn't much of a fighter. In all honesty, I usually only draw him for erotic purposes, and because of this I don't have any recent pictures of him that are suitable for Side 7. Sorry folks.

Last Modified: 06 August, 2005