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Peri.jpg "Zodiac Lady" Peri
Peri was born into a large family of all girls, and is the youngest out of all her twelve sisters. Born in a family with a great legacy, Peri and her sisters, are the guardians of the twelve precious gems (Garnet, Amythest, Aquamarine, Diamond, Emerald, Alexandrite, Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Citrine, Tourmaline.) Each sister holds their precious gem and can summon a ancient weapon acustomed to that stone (like Peri's staff with the peridot crystals) Some hold devine powers, like Garnet's death summon, or Peri's healing and life. Others hold elements like Citri's sunlight, or Di's ice. Each one holds a special attack. Their main battle has yet to begin, since Tahja (yes the Tahja of the fallen Faeries pic)is after the gems to summon the dark entities, in order to control the deviner (good faerie relm), and material (earth) worlds. Only the sisters can prevent this, and in doing so must travel between the three worlds, and try to intervine this forbidden prophecy from happening.

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Gina.jpg Gina-Su_Sadiren
Gina-Su Sadiren, daughter of Alma-La and Eliath Sadiren. She was born in Mobatropolis 2 years before the great Coup. Gina's family, much like the guardians on the floating island, carried a great legacy as protectors of a powerful jewel, said to be a strong as the master emerald. Alma-La, was the previous protector, and Gina was chosen to be the final protector, who was to one day unite the Master Emerald and the Chaos Quartz in Mobius time of great need. During the Coup, her family mangaged to escape from Dr. Robotnik's forces, to a remote island off the southern coast. There they lived for 3 wonderful years... Until Robotnik had found the island. Alma-La knew there was no escape for the entire family... using the power of the Chaos Quartz flow, she sent Gina to the hidden Emerald Cay, a far off distant place, where she would live alone. Gina's memories were erased of that horrible night when her parents were roboticized. Now she lives on Emerald Cay alone... for now.

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KieaHimoto.jpg Kiea Himoto
Kiea Himoto is my character for Yu-Gi-Oh! (Yes... I love watching the show, and I'm not ashamed to admit it ^^;)

Not much is known about Kiea, she just recently moved to the same school as Yugi and his friends. She's a very shy and quiet young lady who loves to sing, and loves to play Duel Monsters. Infact, judging by her personality and how she acts most never realise she is one of the top 5 duelist in the city. Kiea and Yugi have become very close friends since she had moved there (she does not have ANY special feelings for him), as have she and Anzu. Even though Kiea is very friendly, she loves to pick on Jonouchi *sp?* and Honda just for fun, but all of them are great friends. Kiea has a special bond with her card deck the same way as Yugi does with his. She focuses mainly on using magic cards mostly instead of to many monsters. She is not one of the holders of a millenium item, but there is a connection between Yugi's Millenium Puzzle and her. All the holders of the Millenium Items can sense an ancient power deep inside her soul, that is waiting to be released...

(Okay I know her bio isn't all that good, shes a VERY new character and I am still working on her story)

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