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Frequency Miles
Frequency Miles is a purple point siamese cat. She's my second favorite character and she has 'inspired' a few other people's characters. Which I strongly suggest NOT DOING. Thank you.(Cough)
Hair color:Blonde and often purple or black
Fur color: light cream
Favorite colorurple
likes:Candy, Aerosmith, panties, parties, money, and singing.
dislikes:Copycats, artthieves, and peanut butter

Frequency and her design© 2002-2003 HOLLY RAMIREZ. Leanr it damn you! LEARN IT.

Last Modified: 08 October, 2002

Hair color:Blonde and often purple or black
skin: Freckled
Favorite color: green
likes:Candy, Marilyn Manson + Violence
dislikes:Copycats, artthieves, and touching.

Frequency and her design© 2002-2009 HOLLY RAMIREZ. Learn it damn you! LEARN IT.

Last Modified: 10 August, 2009
Zeriara is a white albino ringtailed lemur. Despite the fact she doesn't really look like an actual lemur. She's my "me" character. Sadly alot of sad sad people have copied her design before. I discourage such stupid behavior. Aye.
Birthdayctober 13th (I've had her for 6years)
Hair color:Blonde with colored additions that change from time to time.
Blood type:Type o
occupation:Wimp beather, local hobo, angry grunting thing.
Favorite color:Red
Favorite movies:Session 9 and Resident Evil

Zeriara and her design©ME. HOLLY. NOT YOU. Cope.

Last Modified: 08 October, 2002