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DescAmary.JPG Amary Tekemaya
Amry is the older sister of Tylender. She lost her parents when she had just 7 years old. With Tylender, Amary went to the Military school. Darmian took her with Tylender when she has 15 years old.

At the gang of Darmian, Amary was very manipulated by Darmian. She didn't like this, but she was forced because Darmian wanted to kill Tylender, so for save the life of her brother, Amary , made the best for the psycho Darmian.

At the age of 19 years old, Amary had a child with Darmian ( no , they are NOT a couple) Her name is Myanka.

But when Amary has 20 years old, Darmian killer her, without any reason. So now Amary is an angel...

Last Modified: 19 March, 2002
DescSoniTweek.JPG SoniTweek
This character, it's my alias character. She represent what I want in the life.
SoniTweek loves drawing,children and her friends. She's totally a crazy and a smath girl. Little bit impatient, SoniTweek is a funny and a cute girl.
She have a boyfriend, her love, Mani Somayo. A black Hedgehog. In the futur, this two character will have 2 child. A girl and a boy in the same time ( they are twins ) So It's a surprise for SoniTweek !!! ^_^
She loves blue, red, purple, yellow and Orange. Most of the time, SoniTweek is with Syb, her best friend. Together, they make the best friendship in the world!! ( MOUHAHAHAHA!!)

Last Modified: 20 January, 2002
DescTylender.JPG Tylender Tekemaya
My principal male character. Tylender Tekemaya have a long and sad story about him. During a big war on his country, Tylnder and his older sister, lost his parents when he was only 4 year old. a military guy found him and his sister on a little place. Tyl and Amary learn school at the military base. But Tyl was always a rebellious guy, but he was the best military of the place. When he was 12 years old, a psychopathe named Darmian take him for is army. Tyl was forced because Darmian takes Amary, and Tyl loves Amary. But Because Tyl was rebellious with Darmian, Darmian robotised the legs of Tyl. Long time after this , when he was 16 years old, Darmian killed Amary. Tylender was soooooooo sad. So one year after this accident, Tylender killed Darmian. So now TYlender is lonely, he don't have any familly.

Now, Tylender have 18 yars old, a girlfriend named Blaze Backer. He loves her but when he will have 22 years old, he will quit her.

Tyl is a cruzer . He loves talk with the girls, .....He loves girls . His best Friend is Zakary Axer.

Last Modified: 20 January, 2002