Side 7 Frequently Asked Questions
Site Questions

Site Questions

  1. What is Side 7's policy on posted artwork? -
    Side 7 allows the posting of almost any type of artwork, from cartoons to logos, provided they do not infringe on any US or international copyright laws, and do not break any of Side 7's rules. All artwork remains the sole property of its creator.
  2. Does Side 7 have any art restrictions at all? -
    Yes. Most of them involving common sense. Unfortunately, many people do not exercise common sense, so we had to make these restrictions into rules. You can find more information on the Site Rules page.
  3. Will my artwork be distributed by Side 7 in any way? -
    No. Aside from public display via the web, Side 7 does not directly nor indirectly distribute anyone's artwork with or without their permission. By uploading your artwork to Side 7, you are only granting Side 7 the right to allow the public to view your images on the web via our service.
  4. If I have a problem, how can I report it? -
    Please see our Contact Us page for any support issues.
  5. Is there an upload limit? -
    Yes. But that limit depends on what kind of account you have.

    • Visitor accounts can not upload any artwork.
    • 1 Star accounts are allowed 5 uploads per day, and a total 300 images in their gallery.
    • 3 Star accounts are allowed 5 uploads a day, with an unlimited number of images in their gallery.
    • 5 Star accounts have unlimited daily uploads, with an unlimited number of images allowed in their gallery.
  6. Do I need a Visitor's account to make comments? -
    Not in all cases.

    Side 7 Members can opt to allow anonymous comments in their guest books and on their images. However, this is turned off by default to help prevent harassment of our site members.

    While some site members may not care if the comments are anonymous or not, having a Visitor's account provides many other features besides guaranteed commenting ability.
  7. What does the comment rating system do? -
    The comment rating system is a way for site members to give some feedback to those who comment on their images, and serves as encouragement for commenters to post constructive and helpful input to another member about their artwork.

    The recipient of a comment can choose to rate that comment from "Not Helpful/Informative" to "Very Helpful/Informative". The more helpful or informative the artist feels the comment is, the more Account Credits the commenter will receive as a reward.
  8. How can I stay informed about Side 7? -
    Staying informed about what’s going on with Side 7 is a great idea. It helps you stay up to date and lets you take full advantage of what Side 7 is offering. There are a number of ways to do this:

    1. Read the FAQ (this is updated occasionally)
    2. Read the headlines and news (Updated frequently)
    3. Read the rules (most important, but do not change frequently)
    4. Participate on the message board
    5. Participate in other Side 7 sanctioned activities

    As you can see, there is a wealth of information on Side 7. Please take the time to keep yourself up to date.
  9. What is the Featured Artist on the front page? -
    The Featured Artist (formerly Artist of the Day) programme helps to highlight a random artist each day.

    The pool of eligible site members consists of site members who have contributed in some way to gain Featured Artist Tokens. Each night at midnight, Eastern Standard Time, the system automatically selects a random site member from this pool; there is no moderator or administrative involvement in the selection process.

    There are checks and balances in effect in the selection process. These serve to ensure the same person isn't chosen multiple times in a row, and that the longer someone is waiting to be chosen, the higher their chances are of being chosen.
  10. How do I obtain Featured Artist tokens? -
    Tokens can be acquired in one of the following was:

    • Subscribing for a 5 Star account (one free token per month for each month of the subscription).
    • Purchasing token packs (5 tokens per pack) from the Side 7 Store.
    • Winning tokens in Side 7 contests.
    • Being gifted with tokens by other site members.
    • Other means as they are put into place.

    Please note: Featured Artist tokens are not a physical object. They are virtual tokens that are tracked and managed by the site, and have no monetary value.
  11. What is the Museum page? -
    The Museum page is a watch-list so that site members can quickly view the latest uploads by their favourite site members. Additionally, it gives our members a way to quickly link back to each other, encouraging more community involvement.

    Site members may opt to prevent other members from adding them to their Museums.
  12. Does Side 7 allow adult content? -
    For the most part, the answer is no. Side 7 allows artistic nudes, provided the image is rated properly. However, sexual material and depictions of drug usage are not allowed.
  13. What do the ratings mean? -
    Why do we have these ratings?
    In an attempt to accommodate a wide audience, we have chosen to use a rating system that gives the site's visitors as much information as possible about an image, without becoming overly nit-picky about the types of content. This gives the visitor the ability to decide if they wish to view an image, as well as the ability to set filters if they have an account on the site.

    E Rating (Suitable for Everyone - No reason code needed.)

    Appropriate for all ages. Signifies that the image rated contains nothing most parents will consider offensive for even their youngest children to see.

    Drugs (D)Not present in image.
    Language (L)May go beyond polite levels, but does not contain profanity at all.
    Nudity (N)Not present in image. Unclothed, but undetailed, furries or anthropomorphic animals (e.g., Bugs Bunny) qualify for E, as we treat fur as clothing in this instance.
    Suggestive (S)Not present in image.
    Violence (V)Not present in image.
    Other (O)Not present in image.

    T Rating (Suitable for Teens and Above - This rating requires a reason code.)

    Some material may not be suitable for younger children. Signifies that the image may contain some material parents might not like to expose to their young children.

    Drugs (D)Moderate depiction of tobacco or alcohol use, and by characters of obvious legal age.
    Language (L)Light use of profanity in the image.
    Nudity (N)Characters may be obviously nude, yet breasts (with nipples) and genitals are not visible. Breasts without visible nipples are fine.
    Suggestive (S)Characters in seductive poses, or wearing seductive or form-fitting clothing that does not reveal anotomical details.
    Violence (V)Small amounts of blood or gore. No visible acts of violence.
    Other (O)Any other mild reason the artist feels garners a T rating.

    M Rating (Suitable for Mature Viewers - This rating requires a reason code.)

    Signifies that Side 7 or the artist has concluded that the image rated may contain some adult material or material intended for a more mature audience. Parents are urged to learn more about the image before allowing their children to see it.

    Drugs (D)Excessive use of tobacco or alcohol visible, and by characters of obvious legal age.
    Language (L)Strong use of profanity in the image.
    Nudity (N)Detailed, non-sexual depiction of nude characters, or characters with detailed breasts, nipples or genitals visible.
    Suggestive (S)Characters in seductive poses, wearing seductive or form-fitting clothing that reveals anatomical details, or engaging in non-sexual, intimate activities.
    Violence (V)Excessive blood and gore, or depicted acts of violence.
    Other (O)Any other strong reason the artist feels garners an M rating.

    *NOTE: The terms "drug" and "drugs" refers to "Any substance, specifically alcohol or tobacco, that are controlled by American laws and standards". Depictions of controlled substances other than the afore mentioned alcohol or tobacco are not allowed on Side 7.
    **Side 7 does not allow sexually explicit nor implicit material to be posted.

  14. What do the categories mean? -
    Please note: All categories on Side 7 are based on image content, not the style the image is drawn in.
    A general note about Fan Art: Fan art is original artwork containing characters, locations, etc. created by someone else. It is NOT copies or reproductions of someone else's illustrations.

    Images that can fit in multiple categories may be put in any one of the potential categories, according to where the member feels it fits best.

    3D Media / Sculpture

    The 3D Media / Sculpture category includes photos of projects designed in the real world using three dimensional media. This can include clay sculpture or pottery, 3D projects using foam board, wood projects, etc.

    Examples: A birdhouse built and painted from scratch; a pottery bowl; a stuffed animal created from scratch.

    Abstract / Non-representative

    The Abstract / Non-representative category is for artwork that is of an abstract nature or that does not try to represent any specific entity.

    Examples: Images containing only swirled colours; sketches of geometric patterns.


    The Architecture category is for artwork of an architectural nature. This does not mean that this category only contains blueprints. Imaginary or impossible structures are allowed as well.

    Examples: a drawing of the Empire State Building in New York City; sketches of a dungeon layout; illustrations of castles; 3D renderings of an imaginary space station.

    Concept Art

    The Concept Art category is intended for prototypical artwork, which usually includes initial ideas for items and environments in the real world, or ideas for virtual items or environments, with the intention of actually developing these ideas into the final items.

    Examples: designs for a new motorcycle; prototype renderings of battle armour suits for a video game character; sketches of a new garden layout.

    Fan Art - Animation/Comic

    The Fan Art - Animation/Comic category includes fan art from any non-asian animation or comic. This can include fan characters that you have developed in relation to any non-asian animation or comic.

    This does NOT include any original artwork or comics that you have developed that is unrelated to any non-asian animation or comics.

    Examples: images of a fan-created Spiderman character; a drawing of the X-Men; images of characters developed in a fan-created story in the Lilo & Stitch universe.

    Fan Art - Anime/Manga

    The Fan Art - Anime/Manga category includes fan art from any asian-based animation (anime) or comic (manga). This can include fan characters that you have developed in relation to any asian-based animation or comic.

    This does NOT include artwork from any independent comic that you have developed on your own, drawn in a similar fashion as asian-based animation or comics. This does NOT include any separate artwork drawn in a similar fashion as asian-based animation or comics.

    Examples: images of a fan-created Pokemon character; illustrations of mecha from Gundam Wing; images of characters developed in a fan-created story in the Sailor Moon universe.

    Fan Art - Book

    The Fan Art - Book category includes fan art from any published book, novel, novella, or short story written by someone other than yourself. This can include fan characters that you have developed in relation to any book, novel, novella, or short story.

    This does NOT include any artwork from any book, novel, novella, or short story that you have developed on your own, that has not been publicly published, or isn't related to a publicly published work.

    Examples: images of a fan-created Harry Potter character; drawings of characters from Battlestar Galactica; images of characters developed in a fan-created story in the Lord of the Rings universe.

    Fan Art - Celebrity

    The Fan Art - Celebrity category includes fan art from any celebrity, be it entertainment industry or political, from around the world.

    This does NOT include fictious celebrity characters.

    Examples: images of Peter Gabriel; sketches of Mel Gibson; satire images of George W. Bush.

    Fan Art - Game

    The Fan Art - Game category includes fan art from any card, board, role playing, or electronic computer/console/arcade game.

    Examples: images of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII; drawings of Felicia from Dark Stalkers; illustrations of a bugbear from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

    Fan Art - TV/Movie

    The Fan Art - TV/Movie category includes fan art from television shows and movies that are not animated. This includes fan-created characters that are related to any television show or movie.

    Examples: images of fan characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer; illustrations of characters from Star Trek; images of characters from fan-created stories from the Matrix universe.

    Fan Art - Other

    The Fan Art - Other category includes fan art of anything not included in the other fan art categories, such as fan art of other people's web-comics, characters, and stories.

    This does NOT include images based off your own works. It's hardly fan art if you're drawing your own characters.

    Examples: images from your friend's web comic; drawings of characters from a fan-created story.


    The Fantasy category is for images depicting characters, locations, or events portrayed in a fantasy setting. This can be high fantasy or low fantasy. While not necessary, it may also be related to existing fantasy stories or fairy tales.

    Examples: images of mythological creatures; drawings of the Knights of the Round Table; illustrations of barbarians fighting dragons.

    Fashion Design / Costuming

    The Fashion Design / Costuming category is for images and photographs related to fashion and costuming. These can include drawings of designs you've created, as well as photographs of in-progress or completed projects. Subjects can range from typical clothing that you've designed and created from scratch, or costumes or costume parts that you've created from scratch, either for a person, an animal, or a doll, action figure or model.

    This does NOT include images or photographs of store-bought clothing or costumes, or costumes you didn't create or design. This category can, however, have photos of costumes that you designed, but had someone build for you.

    Examples: design illustrations of your next Halloween costume; photos of your completed Master Chief armour suit from Halo; photos of your made-from-scratch prom dress.

    Furry / Anthropomorphic

    The Furry / Anthropomorphic category includes images of characters that are animal in nature. This includes non-anthropomorphic (animals in their natural form), anthropomorphic (animals with humanoid traits), weres, and 'taurs. Furry does not mean your character has to have fur; it could have feathers or scales, as well. This also includes 'toon animals.

    Examples: images of Bugs Bunny or Sonic the Hedgehog; drawings of your humanoid feline character.


    The Humanoid category includes artwork containing human and humanoid characters such as elves, faeries, dwarves, etc.

    Examples: images of faeries dancing; drawings of an elven search party; illustrations of cowboys.


    The Landscapes category includes any kind of image where the landscape is the intended focus of the image. This includes fantasy, science fiction, alien, and reality-based landscapes.

    Examples: images of a lunar landscape; illustrations of a desert at twilight.


    The Miscellaneous category includes any artwork that does not fit into any of the other categories.

    Examples: images of cars; nonsensical doodles.

    Models / Miniatures / Resin Kits

    The Models / Miniatures / Resin Kits category is for images of models, miniatures, and resin kits that you have completed, painted, customized or otherwise have put work into or are putting work into (in-progress photos).

    This does NOT include photos of toys, untouched models, pre-finished miniatures, or pre-painted resin kits.

    Examples: photos of a Warhammer miniature you've assembled and painted; photos of a resin kit of Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost In The Shell you've assembled and painted.

    Photography - Abstract

    The Photography - Abstract is intended for photography of an abstract nature. The focus of the images in this category is not a solid subject, but rather an abstraction of reality.

    Examples: extended exposure photos of lights in motion

    Photography - Animals

    The Photography - Animals category is for photos whose focus is animals. This could be any kind of animal, in almost any situation: in nature, at a zoo, in your own back yard.

    This category is NOT intended to be a general photo album of your pets, but rather artistic and well-composed photos of animals.

    Examples: photos of a pride of lions at a zoo; photos of high-speed photos of hummingbirds at a feeder.

    Photography - Architecture

    The Photography - Architecture category is for photography involving architecture and architectural designs.

    Examples: photos of old buildings; photos of castles; photos of modern buildings.

    Photography - Landscapes

    The Photography - Landscapes category is intended for photographs whose focus is the landscapes, themselves.

    Examples: photos of tree-lined roads; photos of country landscapes; photos of sunrises at the beach.

    Photography - Nature

    The Photography - Nature category focuses on photos of nature. This includes plant life, animal life, and environments that occur in nature.

    Examples: photos of oceanfront areas; photos of squirrels foraging.

    Photography - People

    The Photography - People category features photos of people, in general. The photos' focus are the people in the image, but not necessarily in a portrait setting.

    Examples: photos of people in a park; photos of basketball players in action.

    Photography - Other

    The Photography - Other category is for photos that do not fall into any of the other photography categories.

    Examples: photos of custom PC case mods; photos of antique industrial equipment.


    The Portraiture category is for images or photographs of people in a portrait setting. A portrait setting is a character or person set in a pre-set environment, with the focus primarily on the character or person, usually their face.

    Examples: an illustration of Captain Picard; a photo of a model in a thematic setting.

    Science Fiction

    The Science Fiction category is for images depicting characters, locations, or events portrayed in a science fiction setting. While not necessary, it may also be related to existing science fiction stories.

    Examples: image of a space captain on the bridge of his starship; illustration of a futuristic soldiers.

    Serial Artwork (Comics)

    The Serial Artwork (Comics) category is specifically designed for your comic strips.

    Still Life

    The Still Life category is for images depicting still-life subjects.

    Examples: illustrations of stuffed animals in an artistic arrangement; photograph of a table centerpiece.
  15. Which category receives the most exposure? -
    None of them. They all receive equal exposure, unless a member customizes their site preferences to specifically exclude a category.
  16. Why are rated M image thumbnails blocked? -
    In an effort to preserve our family-friendly goals, images with an M, or Mature, rating have their thumbnails blocked by default. This is done to prevent unsuspecting visitors from being exposed to material they might find objectionable or controversial. This default may be overridden or enhanced in the Site Preferences settings for members.
  17. What image formats are allowed on Side 7? -
    Side 7 accepts GIF, JPEG and PNG image formats. Other image formats are not globally viewable on the web.
  18. Who and what are the Side 7 Moderators? -
    The Side 7 Moderators are volunteers who have certain moderation capabilities on the site. Moderators are usually hand-picked by the administration staff, and only those site members who have shown consistent trustworthiness and support of the site are considered for the position.

    These individuals help to ensure artwork and members stay within the site rules, have the ability to issue warnings when either steps outside the rules, and can even follow through with removing images or nominating accounts for removal.

    Moderators have a full understanding of our site rules, and work hard to uphold them. If they desire it, their identities are kept anonymous to protect them from undue harassment for performing their duties. Their performance is monitored by the Admins of the site, and the Admins have the ultimate say in any dispute or issue.
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