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Dexter Goes AWWW YEAHHHH! — By Jessica Ratté (jessratte)
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Rating: E · Category: Furry / Anthropomorphic · Classification: Finished Piece
Filesize: 215.54 Kb · Dimensions: 657 x 1562 · Uploaded: 14 Dec 2010 - 08:14 ET
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(Forgive the random spaces and stuff. Once again I just copy and pasted the description off of deviantART)

There are several things I've learned about this picture when I finished it.

1) Dexter seriously needs to lay off the hotdogz. It's called Pedigree, Dex.
2) I'd completely crap my pants if I saw a dog give me a thumbs up.
3) I'm pretty sure it's not even possible for a dog to give you a thumbs up.
4) Dexter, due to this fact, is some sort of bizarre missing link in which, animals didn't quite make it to the humanoid stage. Or something.

So I was sitting there, and I have all sorts of types of paper that I can use for fun experiments. I have this package of larger cardstock paper that I bought at an art store, but I had it shoved in my drawer for Lord knows how long, and I finally just decided to whip it out and draw something on it. I thought, since its big, I could cut it up into smaller papers (I'M SMART! :iconlarryplz: ) and then draw smaller pictures on these pieces of cardboard (IMAGINE THAT.) Not only would I be able to draw smaller pictures on these, but I could cut the papers into different SHAPES and make DIFFERENT SHAPED PICTURES.

(Really tho, in the end, I just ended up cutting various rectangles and squares. But still.)

So I decided to draw Dexter, since I haven't drawn him for a while, and I really wanted to draw one of my goggie characters since I hadn't drawn any of them for a long time. They're always fun, and really quick to draw so they make for good warming up and stuff. So here is Dexter, drawn on a piece of cardstock that I cut into a longer, thinner sheet of paper to make my picture..more...exciting. I guess. And yes, he is a dog, and evidently, he is giving you a thumbs up. I was attempting to make the picture exciting by having him look back at you, and then I was trying to make it more exciting by adding a thumbs up. Because we all know dogs have opposable thumbs. :iconimsarcasticplz: /sarcasm.

Altho, it kinda looks like he's flipping a coin too. Or, maybe a doggie kibble. Or maybe he's not flipping anything at all.

Anyway, I like how this one came out, altho sometimes when I do these back-facing-you pictures I'm always worried that their heads are doing The Exorcist or something, or that they just don't look right. I think he looks okay, meaning he doesn't look too demonic and head-twisty.

But seriously, Dexter is fat. But thats okay, fat goggies are the best. So squishy and cuddly!

Anyway, aside for that, the picture turned out relatively well, altho I was having some inking issues. I screwed up inking part of his fur on his neck, so I had to thicken up one part of the line to make it look alright. To me, it stands out like a sore thumb, but maybe not so much to you guys. But what DOES stand out tho is the crappy scan AS USUAL. For some reason my stupid scanner has a HELL of a time scanning in black, and it scanned in the black parts of his body all messed up and ugly. You can see all the "streaky" lines and stuff, where I coloured and pressed the pencil down really hard. NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT SCANNER. YOU FAIL. YOU TOTALLY, TOTALLY FAIL. Not to mention it scanned in the inking really bad too. It's all wobbly and goes from light to dark and then back to light again periodically throughout the picture and that just totally annoys me. You can hardly see the inking on his face, atleast on his nose (NOOOO NOT THE NOSE! ITS THE BEST PART!), or snout, or whatever you wanna call it, and ARGADFSAFDASFDS!!

Anyway. Aside from that, I just whipped out some watercolours and did the backgorund that way. Usually I use watercolour pencils but I wanted to use just regular watercolours, so I sat there for like, ever, trying to remember where I put them and off I went. I like how the background turned out, altho it might just blend in too much with Dexter, I haven't decided yet.

So yes, this was fun to do, altho I'll admit I actually momentarily forgot how to draw Dexter 0.0 He's actually really easy, but sometimes the way his ears are messes me up and I forget what I'm doing. He's a German Shepard, but unlike most German Shepards, his ears are all discaboobalated and not pointy-uppy, if you know what I mean...Which you probably don't, because I never make any sense. :iconimafailureplz:

I wanna poke his belly. Not only is it fat, but it's furry, and thats adorable. D'awwwww.

So yes, just Tex-a-Dex! (LOLWUT??) And he's going AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW YEAHHHH!!! (I dunno, it just looked like thats what he was doing. Dexter here is © to Jess Ratte :D
(Forgive the random spaces and stuff. Once again I just copy and pasted the description off of devia...
Brooke Has A Sit — By Jessica Ratté (jessratte)
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Rating: E · Category: Furry / Anthropomorphic · Classification: Finished Piece
Filesize: 415.25 Kb · Dimensions: 766 x 1320 · Uploaded: 14 Dec 2010 - 08:09 ET

(Forgive the random spaces and stuff. I just copy and pasted the description from my deviantART account and they have stuff that Side7 doesn't lol ;) )

DANGER! DANGER! DANGER WILL ROBINSON! *goes around pretending she's a little robot on Mars...or whatever.* WORLDS WORST SCAN ALERT! WILL PARALYZE YOU WITH FAIL! AND AWFUL SCANITY! SCANITY-LIKE FAIL! *continues to walk around like a robot then decides that she's too lazy to walk around like a robot and returns to her normal fail-like state.*

Okay. Please. PLEASE. PLEASE do not run away. I realize that this is probably single-handedly the worst scan you've ever seen ever in my gallery - even worse then all of my fail scans combined. This is by far the most hideous creation that my scanner has crapped out of it's USB hole, all over my face. It then preceded to rub the crap that it crapped out, all over me and caused me to suffocate and die from it's crap.

(Um, that's kinda gross Jess.)

Well I have no idea what else to call the stuff my scanner pukes out.

(Puke perhaps? Puke just might be less gross then crap.)

I think they are equally as gross. I'm just doing it for the dramatic effect so that way everyone knows just how AWFUL my scans are.

ANYWAY. So, off I go, all happy because I'm doing more exciting poses, and decide to draw Brooke since it's been a while. She's always fun because she likes eighties-styled clothes (who doesn't like eighties styled clothes?? Okay, so maybe men wearing cut off shorts isn't exactly the best thing that came from the eighties, but dammit. The eighties was awesome.) , so I thought I'd doodle her up and practice more posing.

So here she is, just kinda...bending...and kneeling...or whatever, in an awesome baggy sweater dress shirt thing (I'm always one a conquest to find the coolest baggy sweaters!). I just LOVEEEEE shirts that come off the shoulder- I happen to buy a lot of them because I love the way my shoulders look (don't have much for boobs, but dammit, I have awesome shoulders!!), so yes. Off shoulders shirts are the best. Anyway, so here she is, just lounging around being Brooke like and stuff. I was practicing a few things - sorta fooling around with the angle of her face, and of course practicing clothing folds. I was really happy with the end result, since that pose, believe it or not, was really hard to draw -

(Anything where a character isn't standing around staring is always hard for you Jess.)

:iconhardcoreplz: BRAIN. Anyway, it was difficult to draw because of the angle at which her knees are facing - not really towards you, but not really to the side, just..side you. (LOL WHUT?) Yes, once again, I create a direction. Just like my sidebackways and updownity. And other such directions I've probably created to explain my fail poses. Anyway, so I'm pretty happy with how her pose came out in the end. I would have liked to fit her whole body in the picture, but unfortunately, like I do so many times, I ended up drawing her too far to the side instead of in the middle like I had planned, and in doing so, drew her too big, so well.... hence why she's scrunched up on the side. But, I like these sorts of pictures. Full bodied not full bodied pictures. (HUR. I made a new picture type! :icondurrhurrplz: ) And look!! Blue leg warmers!! They're so much fun! Oddly enough, they really do help you keep warm... I wore some once when I was cold and was like OH YAY! I'm actually surprised her arm turned out so well.. normally a pose like this would call for my drawing octopus like tenticle arms. I actually like her hand here. It actually looks like, you know, a HAND. *everyone claps and throws confetti* I is happeh! :iconlarryplz:

Anyway, I just love her nose. And for the record, she has a big nose here because her nose is supposed to be kinda big. And IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH US BIG NOSED PEOPLE THEN...THEN...MLEHHH!! *does some wierd flail hand thing in your face* Just because our noses have their own gravitational pull doesn't mean we aren't people you know!! *flail* JUST BECAUSE THEY CALL NOSE SURGERY RHINOPLASTY DOESN'T MEAN WE'RE RHINOCEROSES!!! *FLAIL!!!*

Anyway. Now we get to the fun part.

I scanned it. For whatever reason, I decided to take this perfectly fine picture, and obliterate it to pieces by shoving it in my scanner and scanning it.

I....I...I have NO firetruckING (I usually don't like to use that work in my descriptions but I cannot find any other word at the mo) CLUE what the firetruck happened. I really DON'T. I was absolutely HORRIFIED when I saw this. First off, WHAT THE HELL!! WHY IS IT SO GRAINY??? I mean my scanner always scans Brooke in miserable but I mean this just tops it all. The black on her tights is just crap to the extreme, and there is not one part of this picture that scanned in nicely. I absolutely HATE the scan. I'm hoping to eventually rescan this one in, once I dig through my piles to find it. I actually scanned this picture on a day when my scanner was having it's period, because EVERY picture scanned in miserable, but you would think after about the fifth or sixth sugaracular scan, I would have just called it quits. But no. Not only do I torture my characters by putting them in odd situations or romances that never go anywhere. Oh no, I must torture them further by scanning them. Why? Because I'm a sick, sick, sick, sadistic bastard. Why haven't they plotted my assassination yet?

*looks left...then right, rather scared like* ...Or have they...? :icondoomedplz:

But thats okay. I'm prepared. *throws up an eraser* I can just...ERASE THEM!! *flails her eraser*

Anyway. Just a nice picture - or was once a nice picture - of Brooke hanging out, in an outfit I wish I had altho I'm sure if I looked hard enough I'd probably find it in my collection somewhere. I don't know if I like the colours I've chosen for the background. And the way the background stopped at the shadow there, looks like it was badly Photoshopped. But, fear not friends, it's just watercolour pencil! Trust me, if this was Photoshopped by myself, the background would look much, much, MUCH WORSE. Even worse than the scan, someone asks.



Anyway, just Brooke hanging out. Please don't look at the scan. It's really bad. Just ignore it. I assure you I've thoroughly busted my scanners ass already because of this.

Brooke here is © to Jess Ratte :D
(Forgive the random spaces and stuff. I just copy and pasted the description from my deviantART acco...
The Big Comfy Couch — By Jessica Ratté (jessratte)
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Rating: E · Category: Furry / Anthropomorphic · Classification: Finished Piece
Filesize: 341.49 Kb · Dimensions: 1450 x 861 · Uploaded: 14 Dec 2010 - 08:07 ET

(Forgive the random spaces and stuff. I copy and pasted this description from deviantART and they have little icons and stuff Side 7 doesnt lol ;) )

I've been trying to draw more exciting pictures, you see.

Not too exciting, because then that might scare you, since we're not used to seeing exciting pictures from Jess.

But really just trying different things, like not making lame backgrounds, and not having my characters stand around and look at nothing. Maybe even drawing some objects in there too. Objects that they can sit on, or even throw at each other. Possibly even put on themselves. Like....hats...or...wheels or something.

(Wheels Jess? How many people do you know wear wheels?)

Wheel people.

( :iconareyoukiddingplz: )

Anyway. So, to continue on my exciting pictures, I just wanted to start drawing group pictures, because as I've probably stated before, group pictures are always somewhat more exciting than single characters (All my single characters! All my single characters! All my single characters! All my single character! PUT YOUR HANDS UP! /Jess Beyonce Fail) because...well they just are. I wanted to draw, and finish more pictures of mah boiz.... I have a lot of drawings of them, I just never get around to finishing them, because quite honestly, my pictures of my guy characters are, in my opinion, more exciting, because my guy characters are prone to doing stupider things then my female characters so thus, more thoughtful ideas can be put in thier pictures. I think the only thing that makes my female characters more exciting to the majority of DA are their boobs. Anyway.

So I saw this picture of this family sitting on a couch, looking back, so like, the back of the couch was facing you. I thought it was a cute idea and gave me some inspiration, to draw, for whatever reason, some of my guy characters in the same fashion except with stupid expressions on their faces. I decided to draw my "original four", since they are all SUPER BEST FRIENDS, and like, hang out together all the time and like like like like OMG WE'RE TOTALLY BEST FRIENDS EVER WITH A PASSION FOR FASHION! /crappy Bratz reference. Okay. Maybe not a passion for fashion. Sports maybe. Girls even. Sleeping. Eating lots of food AND NEVER GETTING FAT BECAUSE FOR SOME REALLY ANNOYING REASON GUYS CAN DO THAT AND NEVER GAIN WEIGHT.

Anyway. So here they are, Ajax, Mac, Ricky, and Rage, and...well I really don't know what they are doing. What I do know is that it's actually sort of creepy how, apparently, Mac is the only one smiling/smirking, while the others look at him rather surprised, while Ricky looks rather disgusted, which suggests to me, that Mac is probably going, "HURR GUESS WHAT I DID ON THIS COUCH GUYZ????".

Ricky will more then likely follow the way of his mother and start putting removable plastic on all the furniture in their apartment to easily dispose of evidence of what Mac likes to do on furniture (and to whom). And then fumigate the place. And somehow knock himself out so that way he somehow forgets about anything that might of happened.

Sort of a squishy couch, I know, but thats what makes it cuter. They're all like, cuddly and stuff. In a...guy sort of way. Probably laughing at each others farts and making equally disgusting sounds with other body parts. We love them, don't we?

I'm not sure who's apartment they are in, my initial thought was Mac and Rickys, hence the "browny" shades of everything because they are anal about colour coorridination (I seriously can't spell that word right now, so just ignore that.) and I figure if they were to have dark furniture they would probably have light walls. I should have put a window or something in the background. Or a tv or something. But that would mean I'd have to torture you with an inanimate object and well, we've already tortured you enough with the..."couch"..

Okay, I realize that the couch actually doesn't look like a couch, and really looks like the top of Domo kun's head ([link] ), but just pretend and amuse me, okay?

Also, the scan of this I mean, seriously, it's REALLY REALLY REALLY AWFUL. FIRST OFF, I'm pretty damned sure that the couch doesn't look THAT BAD on the original, Mac is NOT PINK on the original, Ajax doesn't have a trail of ectoplasmic goo running across his chest, and the lines actually look much better. I don't know what the hell my scanner was doing when it scanned this. It really butchered the couch, the shading on it looks miserable on this scanned version. So yes, please ignore the scan if you can. (HURRR RHYMING!) I'll murder my scanner later.

Ricky looks like he's either going to throw up, or has gotten a root canal. Possibly both, if my suspicions about Mac and his smirking are correct. I think Rage looks the cutest here, followed by Ajax. I had some issues drawing Ricky, who for whatever reason, ALWAYS CAUSES PROBLEMS when I'm drawing group pictures, but all in all I like how this came out.

I just happen to hate the scan, and I'm sure you all do too. My scanner is an ass, and needs to have an unfortunate accident happen to it so I can dispose of it. But it just seems that I'm cursed even if I did get another scanner. Because scanners the world over have an international plot for my assassination.

But I'm ready for them.


So yes, just my cute little idjutz doin' what my cute little idjutz do! (Whatever that means.) Rage, Mac, Ricky and Ajax here are all © to Jess Ratte :D
(Forgive the random spaces and stuff. I copy and pasted this description from deviantART and they ha...
Cooking Ist Wunderbar — By Jessica Ratté (jessratte)
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Rating: E · Category: Furry / Anthropomorphic · Classification: Finished Piece
Filesize: 299.01 Kb · Dimensions: 1118 x 1033 · Uploaded: 13 Dec 2010 - 07:56 ET
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(Forgive the random spaces and stuff in the description, I just copied and pasted the description from DeviantART )

I'm useless in the kitchen.

My boyfriend will probably say otherwise, because apparently some of the things I've concocted over the years we've lived together are apparently really good, but quite honestly I've just been known to throw random things together and hope for the best.

I have no idea how to measure things. I look at instructions like "quarter cup" or "1/3" and I freak out. How the hell am I supposed to measure that WHEN ALL I HAVE IS A CUP AND AN EGG?? I usually, when measuring things, just throw what I THINK is a third, or a quarter, or half, and hope for the best. I have this fascination with cooking things too high because I want them to cook faster, thus I usually burn things, and I'm completely useless at flipping things like omelettes or pancakes. They usually end up resembling a deflated soccer ball. I marinate chicken with random sauces and hope they will taste okay, and I completely freak out when I can't open cans with the can opening (I've been known to start screaming and yelling when trying to open a can of tuna to make a tuna sandwich before I go to work.), and usually opt for banging and smashing my way to an open can. Sometimes I get so fed up that said can will usually remain in the fridge somewhat open looking like the Tazmanian Devil tried to whiz through it, with a baggy over it (because my theory is that anything with a baggy over it that is open and is put into the fridge will not go bad.) I often have trouble determining if pieces of meat have gone bad, and only realize when I've ate halfway through that "Gosh, this meat kinda tastes wonky.".

Ladies and gentlemen, I am, in fact, and Undomestic Goddess.

And, oftentimes, I like to give my characters the same qualities I have.

Melanie, Niko, Taylor and Cody all live in a house together, and each one seems to take on a role of their own. You see, Taylor is motherly and often nags the others and is always there to whip up something for their flu or other ailments they may have. Cody is the tempermental teenager who doesn't give a crap. Niko is somewhat fatherly. And poor Melanie gets the fantastic role of being the "youngest in the family" and usually has the others noses into her business. LOLs are to be had.

Melanie, like me, admits that shes pretty useless when it comes to cooking. Niko, however, is very good at domestic deeds and has been known to multitask cooking, taking calls for people, cleaning, and giving advice all at the same time. So, as Melanie attempts to make things, and can't figure out a tea spoon from a "regular spoon" ("I mean, how the hell do you measure BUTTER anyway? Melt it down??" ), and a cup from a quarter cup, Niko is more than happy to help her, because he thinks cooking is wundarbar!

So, here we see Niko telling Melanie all about tea spoons and table spoons and cups and pounds and all that other fun stuff, while Melanie just feels so deflated and thinks it would just be so much easier to go out for dinner instead or punk pre-made leftover food from her mom. Nonsense, Niko says! We'll make our own bread! And our own Black forest cake! And our own 5 course meal! For it is fun!

Melanie doesn't really think its fun.

As a lot of you know, I've been trying to just draw different things and involve backgrounds and stuff, so this was an earlier attempt at doing so. I used to draw situational pictures all the time, then one day I decided that drawing characters standing around doing nothing was much more enthralling. Well, now I've switched gears and now I find drawing characters with actual backgrounds that are more exciting more enthralling. :icondurrhurrplz:

Now, I realize that this is a really simple background, but DAMMIT I'M REALLY PROUD IF IT. This was done a little while back (we all know by now that I fail at uploading things within the month I actually draw them.) and this was how I used to do my backgrounds... I would "lightly" ink them because I didn't want the background to overpower the characters, and while I've decided not to do this anymore (and I actually use rulers nao.) I still like how this one came out. I realize its really simple, but its just supposed to indicate they are in a kitchen (not like it takes a genius or something to realize that most people cook in the kitchen. But who knows. Maybe they do it outside. Which would be good for me, because then I could draw lots and lots of trees. :iconlarryplz and I dunno about you, but DAMMIT THAT TOASTER IS AWESOME.

*everyone blinks....silence.*

*rolls eyes* That thing is the background that looks like a UFO is supposed to be a toaster. It's a really round, retro toaster, okay? /product design fail. :iconimsarcasticplz:

I often like to picture what my characters living spaces look like in my head, and I sorta pictured their kitchen being really clean but no funky colours like some of my other characters would have their kitchens/living spaces. So I did a borin' old white and light brown combo. I like how it came out tho, especially since originally I wasn't even going to add anything in the background. I was probably just going to draw a giant square in the background again. But then again, one could also theorize that the cabinets there are really just squares DISGUISED as cabinets. :iconwooooplz: IF YOU CAN'T DEFEAT THEM....YOU MUST...BECOME THEM /epic scary music that is supposed to scare you but doesn't.

I also, secretly, wanted to see what Niko and Melanie would look like together. Mac doesn't like this at all, but I think it's precious. Niko sorta has a thing for Melanie, but is much too in love with Taylor to really even consider a relationship.

Which works out good because Melanie is much too in love with Mac to -

*roundhouse kick to the face from Melanies stilettos*


But anyway. Once again Niko amazes us with his TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL, LUSCIOUS, THICK, SHINY HAIR. I seriously want to reach out and touch it.

Niko probably gets so much hair action, seriously. With those beautiful, Bavarian locks of his.

Anyway. I'm overall happy with how this one came out, a few things of course that I have issues with, like how Niko kinda looks like he's slowly morphing into a giraffe... I dunno what was going on, I guess I was trying to not make it look like he was shrugging or something like I sometimes end up doing when I'm drawing characters sideways... I just mess up their shoulders and stuff. So now, I guess my makeshift option of drawing characters on their sides is to draw them as giraffes. Melanie was kinda hard to draw, even tho she really isn't in the picture all that much (if that makes sense....) I dunno. I guess she has a magical, additional finger on her wrist or something to hold both of those spoons like that. Just pretend they are falling out.

I was originally going to make the stuff that is coming out of bowl and on the counter white, like, you know, pancake mix or something. Then I had a vision of it looking suspiciously like semen and then this picture would take on a whole other meaning. So I decided to add some...grey...and like..brown and stuff. So now it doesn't look like semen. Instead, it looks like puke.

Theres a fail everywhere when theres Jess!

And for some reason, I feel as if Niko wants to spank Melanie with one of those spoons. Seriously. I'm sure he secretly does, but my original intent was that he was showing Melanie what all the different spoons were for. (When it comes to cooking. Not sex. )

I like Melanies little air poofy. (That little thing infront of her face that you all probably think is a magical cotton ball hanging out). I was attempting to make it look like she was either fed up or deflated, so yes. Awww this was so much fun :D

They're pretty cute together, actually. WE JUST MIGHT HAVE SOMETHING HERE.

This picture makes me hungry. Unfortunately, I'm all out of food that I don't have to cook. Dammit. *eats her hand* Ew. I taste like fail!

Anyway, just a cute little picture of Niko and Melanie, all cooking like :icondelightfulplz: Niko and Melanie are © to Jess Ratte :D
(Forgive the random spaces and stuff in the description, I just copied and pasted the description fr...
Next To Me — By Jessica Ratté (jessratte)
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Rating: E · Category: Furry / Anthropomorphic · Classification: Finished Piece
Filesize: 311.24 Kb · Dimensions: 1038 x 1123 · Uploaded: 13 Dec 2010 - 07:52 ET
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(Please excuse the random spaces and other things that might not make sense in the description... I just copied and pasted the description from deviantART :D (Because it's clearly not Valentines Day )

So it's Valentines Day.

And I thought to myself, GAWSH JESS! What one of your pictures can you pass off as a Valentines Day picture?

So, there I was, sitting around looking through all my pictures, when I was all like "BUT OF COUUURSSE! HOW ABOUT... A MAC-A-MEL!"

And so, off I went, deciding to post said picture, while Melanie prepared her plans to destroy my life slowly and painfully because she's mad that I can see behind her po-po-po-pokerface. (She's got it like no body. P-p-p-p-pokkkkkerrrface....) She's so in denial, and it's just so precious.

*Melanie chops off my parts Black Knight style. I just giggle profusely at her and pinch her cheeks with my disembodied hands*

Anyway. So there I was one day, and I was flipping through a magazine trying to get some ideas on what I wanted to draw. I wanted to piss Melanie off and draw a Mac-A-Mel, and ironically this picture was inspired by a birth control ad. Mac-A-Mel will be needing lots of that, or else they will have lots of cute little red-headed cat-ferret thing children. D'AWWWWW!!!

*a large, blunt object hits me from behind and knocks me unconscious*

*an hour later....*

Anyway. So yes. I was looking at this ad, and it was actually just of two girls laying down on the grass all happy that they are protected from a flying mass of sperm cells trying to knock them up, and I just thought Mac-A-Mel would be so cute lying down looking at each other and all like "OH HAI!"

*Melanie comments with something like I thought wrong and I should shut up and go die somewhere painfully. I just pat her on the head*

AND...D'AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! :iconomgsocuteplz: :iconomgsocuteplz: :iconomgsocuteplz: AREN'T THEY JUST THE MOST PRECIOUS YOU'VE EVER SEEN??? Don't you just want them to like, make out or something? Or, or, like, jump through a field of flowers and sing cheesy 70's love songs?

So here they are just all like, OH HAI MEL OH HAI MAC! I didn't really want it to be OH MY GOD WE'RE IN LOVE :iconkissingplz:, but more of a subtle hint of affection. BECAUSE I ACTUALLY FIND THAT MORE ADORABLE. But Melanie's poker faces suck. We can all read her poker faces. Even tho she's got it like nobody. P-p-p-p-p-pokerface. Anyway.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you, for the first time ever....MAC NOT LOOKING LIKE AN ARROGANT DOUCHE! Normally, he has a little hot dog-eyed look (okay, I don't know if I chose the right words there. But just so you know, I don't mean he's poking you in the eye with his penis. Just incase someone misinterpreted thar. ) and then a grin and he's all like IMMA READY FOR SOME SECKS!, but now he's kinda looking all ""Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight!/ For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night!" and, he might possibly serenade Melanie with Rod Stewart songs. Or...something. I don't know. And I dunno, I just wanted to give Melanie a little cute expression like she's pretending she doesn't like him but she does so she's actually trying to lean away from him but not really. :iconiloveyouplz: I feel like... like... just wrapping them up in cute tissue paper and, and, distributing their cuteness all over the world. (LOLWUT??? )

Anyway. Originally they were supposed to be holding hands. However, I fail to be able to draw characters holding hands. See, that is why I always put their hands in their pockets. Or somewhere else. Sometimes in the air, waving them like they just don't care. In this case, I shoved Melanies other hand across her boobs (perhaps so that Mac can't look at them), and Mac's arm is behind his head...and it...down. And then I was all like, when I was inking the picture, if I firetruck up and make Melanie's eyes look like she's looking down, I'll be really pissed. Luckily, Melanie ended up inking fine and not looking down at where Mac's hand was going.

(She probably will anyway tho, just to make sure he doesn't get any idea. Because this will be the only time he'll ever get to see Melanie on her back, and well, Mac thinks things when he gets to lay around women on their backs.)

Just so you know, Mac's hand not in his genital area. It's on his stomach. Or possibly in his pockets. Maybe he's poking his belly button. Maybe he has a kitteh on his lap.

Perhaps that is why they are all AWWWW. Because of kittehs.

Okay, I realize that they are floating in a mass of colour, and actually not laying down on anything. But I sorta wanted to add a little bit more colour to this picture, since Mac and Melanie's colours sorta blend together (and thats precious. :iconiloveyoutooplz: *roundhouse kick to the face*), and I just didn't think having grass in the background was going to make this picture more colourful. /excuse for being lazy. That, and in all honesty I was pretty sure - no, POSITIVELY SURE, that my grass background probably would have looked like crap. So be happy for my crappy watercolour pencil backgrounds with little marker swigglies. OH BUT LOOK AT SOME OF THE SWIGGLES THAR! DON'T SOME OF THEM LOOK LIKE HEARTS?? HUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRR I'M SMART! :iconblushingplz: Actually, I really don't think I intended for some of the swigglies to look like hearts, they just ended up that way. Because my characters pictures are really creepy like that. But we all think thats cute tho. D'aww.

Anyway. I really like how this came out. Theres a few things that annoy me, but mostly just things that my scanner firetrucked up, because well, my scanner does that.Actually, this is one of the few pictures of mine where I'm like, pretty much just completely satisfied with how it came out and both characters ended up turning perfectly without one of them being cross eyed or tiny armed or something. Melanie thinks she looks wide and fat, but I told her to shut up. She's just finding things to make me hate this picture. And all of my Mac-A-Mels.

Yaknow, I think I put up a Mac-A-Mel last year for Valentines Day too. OH YAY ITS A NEW TRADITION! MAC-A-MEL FOR ALL ON VALENTINES DAY! :dance:

*Melanie doesn't think thats a good tradition at all.*

:icondurrhurrplz: OH YAY! We're all happy and in love now!

Anyway. Back to the picture, of course my scanner had to ruin everything in sight and decided that Mac should be pink once again and not his light orange like he's supposed to be. It also thought it would be awesome to make the picture look all 'bubbly' and blurry. Because it's a jackass. Atleast it mostly salvaged Melanie, because my scanner I think is in love with her. (Just so you know, tho, Mac probably has a better chance then my scanner does at getting Melanie, because characters the world over hate my scanner. Altho, my scanner seems to attack Mac and make him look really bad so that it filters Melanies vision.....*lightbulb appears above her head* OMG I FIGURED OUT WHY MAC SCANS SO sugar NAO!! )

*wears a "Team Mac" shirt, while Scanner wears a "Team Scanner" shirt. But my sparkling obliterates the scanner and it blows up and goes away never to hurt my pictures again*

Anyway. Just a cute Mac-A-Mel. Yeee hee hee I just loves it :D They're too much fun. Melanie hates these pictures tho, becuase they make people think they are boyfriend and girlfriend. That's alright tho. That's what we all want anyway. :icondawwplz:

*yet another bludgeon to the head and is knocked unconcious*

Anyway. Mac-a-Mel here is © to Jess Ratte :D
(Please excuse the random spaces and other things that might not make sense in the description... I ...
Calico Has A Think — By Jessica Ratté (jessratte)
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Rating: E · Category: Furry / Anthropomorphic · Classification: Undefined
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(Image description copied from deviantART. Forgive the random spaces that are supposed to be smilies.. )

Sometimes, when I look at my pictures, I often feel as though the character should burst out into song.

Because, I don't know. It just seems like they are in some kind of Disney movie or something. I'd like to think tho, that my characters and their little world is slightly more realistic than a Disney world, because most of them don't meet Prince Charming and live happily ever after. Infact, it's usually more complicated than that. And, the females aren't freakishly skinny but still have extra perky, large, C sized breasts.

For some reason, I just happen to think that Calico should burst out in song in this picture. Probably a song about Noah. About how he would take her far off into the sea. Or something. Why he would take her far off into the sea, we don't know, but perhaps Noah is a merman or something. Or a pirate. Or a whale or something. I don't know.

*Jess should shut up nao.*

Anyway. So as you may or may not know, if you've been paying attention to my descriptions, if you can actually make it through my descriptions without busting a nut, you may know that I'm trying to work on backgrounds and stuff. Like backgrounds that are like, real backgrounds, and not just typical Jess backgrounds that involve shapes. So, I've been trying to work on pictures that actually have something to them. Go me! :dance:

I like the beach. And water. I think it's because I'm a Cancer or something. Because we're crabs. And we've got like, booglie eyes and pinchers and stuff. *blinks* Well, not really, but we're a water sign, and I think we're naturally attracted to water. Maybe that's why I always have to pee or something.

(OMG Jess TMI.)

I'm just saying Brain. Anyway. So, I was just browsing through some magazines for some ideas for pictures, and eventually I came up with this. I hadn't drawn Calico for a while, so I thought I'd doodle her up, evidently staring off into the sea, possibly in deep thought. And for Calico, "deep thought" usually means deep thoughts about Noah's ass or something. She's just sitting on a typical Jess beach, which consists of a little bit of grass, some rocks, sand, and water framing the picture. She's in Canada, so just for the record, our beaches here in Canuckland are pretty varied. This is usually what I see on beaches in Ontario. And now you know a little bit about Canadian geography! OH YAY!

I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out, altho my only major complaint is that Calico's head sorta looks too small, and I should have added some tiddles there to show sand and stuff.

(Tiddles, Jess? :iconimsarcasticplz: )

I didn't know what else to call them, okay, Brain? I dunno, just like... spots on the ground to show sand. (Why I couldn't think of that phrase before I don't know.) But I guess it still looks okay.

Any look at my box!! IT WAS DONE WITH A RULER! But, of course, its still kinda crooked, but not half as bad as previous attempts. I think my boxes are always tilted or slanted because when I'm doing art I always have my table on an angle. I don't know why I just do. I'll have to try and draw without it at an angle. That might help. But probably not. Because once a fail, always a fail.

I like how the background came out, altho I think the grass is a little too full there. Sorta looks more like the sand has a really bad toupee or something. But I think overall this one came out fine.

But then, of course, I scanned it. I was about to say that this one didn't scan in too bad, but then I looked at the picture again and then realized that, gosh, I must have had some Hallucination Goggles on or something because the scan, still, remains pretty sugar as always. The red looks absolutely crappy, and the picture just looks really dull. The original is much more bright and like, happy and stuff. My scanner is a killjoy, seriously. Has to ruin everything that I'm remotely proud of.

So yes. I really do like this one, some things I don't like about it, but it's okay otherwise. Just please, once again, ignore the scan. I know it's hard, because my scanner is an attention whore and makes my drawings so bad it's hard to not pay attention to (Like those really stupid shows on TV that you just HAVE to watch because they are so stupid.) , but please try.


I wanna go to the beach nao. And like, hang out with all the fishies and seaweed and stuff. And have it all stick in my toes and then have sand in every single crevice on my body.

LOL that sounded wrong.

Anyway, Just Calico having fun at the beach! Lets have fun with her!

Calico here is © to Jess Ratte :D
(Image description copied from deviantART. Forgive the random spaces that are supposed to be smilies...
Ajax Has A Lolli — By Jessica Ratté (jessratte)
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(Image description copied from deviantART. Forgive the random spaces that are supposed to be smilies and stuff. )

I've just decided to give up on my scanner ever being able to produce a half decent scan. Well, I'm actually convinced that all my pictures that I actually like, my scanner will not produce a good scan of them.

*looks left...then right....* *whispers* I'm actually just saying that out loud so that my scanner will think that I've given up and that it has won...

But you just wait. You just wait Scanner. THE END IS NEAR.

*picks up a paper clip and an elastic band, and prepares for her McGuyver plot to destroy her scanner...*


So one day, I said to Self, I said, Self, Imma gonna draw Ajax. And then Self was like, "IMMA REALLY HAPPY FOR YOU, AND IMMA GONNA LET YOU FINISH, BUT YOU HAVE THE MOST FAILS OF ALL TIME! OF ALL TIME!"

/Kanye West is a Douchebag reference

So off I went, deciding that I was going to draw yet another "epic" drawing that is sure to just BLOW YOU AWAY with epicness. *blows on you, pretending to be blowing you away with epicness.* So anyway. I felt like drawing Ajax because he's a fun character to draw and usually takes, like, five seconds and he's quick and easy and stuff. Just like Shake and Bake. Or something. Shake and Bake Ajax. HURRRR!! :icondurrhurrplz:

*Why do you have to type out everything you are thinking Jess?*


Anyway. So I was just looking at this picture of Rihanna, out of all people, and I got the idea for this picture. For some really bizarre reason, my best male-character pictures come from looking at females for pose ideas. I really have no idea why. Maybe its because whenever I look at males in Vogue or whatever they are always really boring. Heaven forbid men pose excitingly. Anyway, Rihanna had a lollipop, and for some reason I felt like I wanted to give Ajax a lolli too.

Which doesn't really look like a lolli anymore, since we are to assume that he devoured it already, but it could also be a pen. Perhaps one of those Popeye Cigarette things. Maybe a chop stick. Perhaps he does what I do when I'm eating sushi and just jabs the stick into the food and eats it as such (when no one is looking of course.) Anyway. The initial idea was that it was supposed to be a lollipop. But as always, everythings open for interpretation. I guess. I dunno what the hell I'm saying anymore.

Anyway, so here he is. I'm pretty happy with how it came out :D I love his sweet little innocent AWWWW look he has about him. And I love his little swagger he has. And once again I destroyed his jeans because I love destroyed jeans. And for the record, his boxers are supposed to be AC*insert lightning bolt here*DC boxers. You are probably wondering why I always draw him with ACDC stuff. Well, he likes the band, and two, I'm actually too lazy to draw any other metal bands irritatingly complex band logo tshirts and such. ACDC is nice and simple and fits. And I'm pretty sure that's a popped collah he's got goin on. Go get 'em, Tiger.

(Just not in Tiger Woods fashion, of course.)

Anyway, the background was done with simple watercolours, nothing too fancy as per usual, but I do like how the colours came out :D I always like how watercolours turn out. Sometimes I never get the effect I want with watercolour pencils, but watercolour paints always paint nicer. If that makes any sense. It probably doesn't, because it's me, but whatever.

I really like his hand too. I actually am surprised my hands are turning out these days. Perhaps I am...GASPS...NOT AS FAIL AS I THOUGHT I WAS! :icongaspplz:

*I think not, Jess.*

And of course, as per usual, my scan of this one is absolutely hideous. Once again my scanner spewed out ectoplasmic like crap all over the picture, making it really blurry and screwing up all my colours and making crap all over my picture. At first I thought my scanner did this because watercolours make my pictures rumply, but it really just does this with everything I draw, so I just can't win. It's almost like all my old scanners that screwed up my pictures in the past have been reincarnated into this one and have come back to take revenge on me. Even tho I've never done anything to my scanners. That's okay. I'll, like, come back as like...the light in the scanner that goes WEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOO and stuff when it's scanning pictures and blind my scanners so they never do anything to harm us again.

* Yeah, that makes sense. :iconblankstareplz: *

I know. That's like my best plot to destroy my scanner EVAR.

* :iconblankstareplz: *

Anyway. Just a doodly of Ajax! Aw, he's so much fun. You know, since I've decided that Dominique was going to be his best gal-pal, he's been dressing a lot nicer these days. Cute. And I know the arm that is to your left might look a little weird. Drawing arms in that fashion are really hard. Just pretend he's got stretchy arms or something.

Stretchy arms would be sweet. Then I'd just stretch my arms really long to get things so I'd like, never have to get up. EVER.

Anyway. So yes, just Ajax, being Ajax. If this was Mac, he'd probably say he has another lollipop for you, in his pants. But because Ajax just might have a little bit more of a brain then Mac, he'll spare you the penis references.

So yes, Ajax here is © to Jess Ratte :D
(Image description copied from deviantART. Forgive the random spaces that are supposed to be smilies...