Side 7 Zodiac Lady Opal
By Jessica Hawks (ginasadiren)
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  Zodiac Lady Opal — By Jessica Hawks (ginasadiren)  
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  Zodiac Lady Opal — By Jessica Hawks (ginasadiren)  
Rating: E
Category: Miscellaneous
Classified: Rough Image
Filesize: 60.00 Kb
Dimensions: 747 x 524
  19 Apr 2002 - 16:05 ET
Opal. (She was hard to color in x_x;) Is another wild party girl like Ammy, but she goes more to the extreme. You'll always see her in outrageous outfits and hair styles. She's very hyperactive, and rushes into many things with out thinking. A "happy go lucky" kind of lady. Her weapon is the lance (I know it looks more like a spear but thats how its suppose to be)with the opal point. Opal, though she'll be hard to color in, is my favorite to draw I love the outfit ^_^ and yes I got the outfit idea from scary movie 2, I saw Theo in that and thought "that would be perfect for Opal".
***key note: I took a look at my dads opal ring, and I saw little sparkles of pink, green, and blue, so thats why I did her hair like this***
Artwork © Copyright 2002 Jessica Regulski

Additional Credits: Opal's outfit with thanks to Theo from Scary Movie 2

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