Side 7 Demon Couple... How cute
By Artemis 106 (Artey)
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  Demon Couple... How cute — By Artemis 106 (Artey)  
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  Demon Couple... How cute — By Artemis 106 (Artey)  
Rating: E
Category: Furry / Anthropomorphic
Classified: Rough Image
Filesize: 42.00 Kb
Dimensions: 378 x 317
  15 Mar 2003 - 22:39 ET
Drawing of my demon (or whatever she is now. She's been changed so much, I forget. She's the one in front) Sirdu and Leslie's demon Dumark (the one in the back, with his metal stuff still on. Forgot he doesn't have them anymore.) Also, she has her paw around his and she's SMILING. *gasps* She never smiles, unless someone's getting hurt.

Anyway... they a cute little demon couple, don't ya think?
Artwork © Copyright 2003 Artemis 106

Additional Credits: Sirdu's mine and Dumark is Leslie's (katronmaster's)

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