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By Crystal Hinkle (Invader_Dibsocute)
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  CTHM! — By Crystal Hinkle (Invader_Dibsocute)  
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  CTHM! — By Crystal Hinkle (Invader_Dibsocute)  
Rating: T (V)
Category: Fan Art - TV/Movie
Classified: Finished Piece
Filesize: 21.00 Kb
Dimensions: 465 x 640
  06 Nov 2003 - 18:47 ET
HEAD FOR THE HILLS IT'S CASIE THE HOMICIDLE MANIACK! Don't worry. It's just a little skech I did of Casie as somthing that owr beloved Johenen Vasquez created. You herd me. JTHM. OK I've never actully seen what JTHM looks like but I've seen IZ fan art based on it. So, here's my version.

Additional Credits: Casie belongs to me. JTHM belongs to Johnen.

Referenced Source: Invader ZIM

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