Side 7 It's My Life
By M. Bartley (FelonyKat)
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  It's My Life — By M. Bartley (FelonyKat)  
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  It's My Life — By M. Bartley (FelonyKat)  
Rating: E
Category: Furry / Anthropomorphic
Classified: Finished Piece
Filesize: 78.00 Kb
Dimensions: 848 x 622
  06 Sep 2006 - 22:07 ET
Very proud of this one. Sentinel riding on a cyclatron down an open highway. If he had a theme it would be "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi. Used a ref for the Cyclatron as those things are hard to draw otherwise. X_x

Serous/Sentinel is an Aquian vigilante based from (like most of my characters here) the SWAT Kats. While Aquians are peace loving beings and fighting or violence of any kind is forbidden, Serous believes that his race needs to learn defense techniques to defend themselves from possible attacks in the future.

Artwork © 2006 M. Bartley

Additional Credits: Sentinel created by M. E. Bartley.

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