Side 7 Renegade Under Fire
By M. Bartley (FelonyKat)
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  Renegade Under Fire — By M. Bartley (FelonyKat)  
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  Renegade Under Fire — By M. Bartley (FelonyKat)  
Rating: T (V)
Category: Furry / Anthropomorphic
Classified: Finished Piece
Filesize: 35.00 Kb
Dimensions: 465 x 630
  25 Apr 2007 - 13:43 ET
Decided to try using more layers and use colors for shading instead of greytones here. Renegade running for her life! In the MBI/SKRPG, Fel has gotten in with the mafia and worked her way up to a high rank, though she has plans for taking over the organization. When you're in the mafia, sometimes you have days like this. -g-

Artwork © 2007 M. Bartley

Additional Credits: Felony "Renegade" Kat created by M. E. Bartley.

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