Side 7 ::-The Sound of Silenve-::
By Melle L (Melle)
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  ::-The Sound of Silenve-:: — By Melle L (Melle)  
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  ::-The Sound of Silenve-:: — By Melle L (Melle)  
Rating: E
Category: Fan Art - TV/Movie
Classified: Finished Piece
Filesize: 338.15 Kb
Dimensions: 618 x 850
  17 Feb 2009 - 13:49 ET
A scene that may or may not happen in "The Lazarus". This picture is basically showing how Melle is saddened by something Stinkie does in the story. I'm going to guess it's after she finds out that he's been Boomer this whole time. Melle just kinda gazing out of her bedroom window as Stinkie comes up to actually... apologize. Melle isn't sad because he IS Stinkie, she's sad because he never TOLD her it was him this whole time. Even after they'd become ....friends... so to speak while he was a ghost. ......... Though I'm not sure.... Heck, for all I know it could even be from "Old and New" and he's apologizing to her for being out with Fiona so much, and she's just horribly Sad and unsure of what to do.

Melle, Art, and Stories are (c) to Me.
Stinkie and Casper are (c) to Amblin/HarveyToons/Universal
Artwork © 2009 Melle L

Referenced Source: Casper

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