Side 7 ::-Oh, Hey Stinkie...-::
By Melle L (Melle)
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  ::-Oh, Hey Stinkie...-:: — By Melle L (Melle)  
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  ::-Oh, Hey Stinkie...-:: — By Melle L (Melle)  
Rating: T (N,S)
Category: Fan Art - TV/Movie
Classified: Finished Piece
Filesize: 490.09 Kb
Dimensions: 1007 x 700
  17 Feb 2009 - 13:54 ET

**NOTE - MELLE IS 24 YRS OLD!** so she is NOT underage. anyways... (She's MY character, I'd KNOW)

Warned that it was Mature, so if you looked it's your own fault! It's not even really that bad... You can't see anything... and they're not doing anything. It's just more like a reaction picture.. ^^;;

Now, I drew this for a few reasons, the first one is that I wanted to practice proportions , sheets and coloring. There fore I'll tell you now that I looked at this picture ->

for Melle's pose...and the sheets (for the most part), So... there y'go. The second reason for doing this is just for fun, and I REALLY wanted to draw Stinkie making a funny face..

Art and Melle are (c) to Me.
Stinkie is (c) to Universal/HarveyToons/Amblin
Artwork © 2009 Melle L

Referenced Source: Casper

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