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By Melle L (Melle)
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  ::-Oh Yeah?-:: — By Melle L (Melle)  
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  ::-Oh Yeah?-:: — By Melle L (Melle)  
Rating: E
Category: Fan Art - TV/Movie
Classified: Finished Piece
Filesize: 775.33 Kb
Dimensions: 708 x 1217
  17 Feb 2009 - 14:00 ET
After a hard days work on the farm Blayne returns home with Emma who happily plays with his hair. She's always taken joy in running her fingers through his long locks. Blayne of course doesn't mind at all, in fact he loves it, so long as she doesn't braid it to be funny. He kicks back putting his feet on the table and starts to drink his juice as his brother J.T. comes in. For a long time his brother's been after him to act more like a gentlemen. Telling him to stop his slouching, keep his boots off the table, take a shower everyday and to cut his hair! Blayne's response has always been, and will always be the same however, "Oh yeah....? See this...?" He stands up and points to his butt. "Kiss it, I ain't changin'...AND Emma loves my hair long, an' I ain't NEVER gonna cut it!" Rolling his eyes he proceeds to stick out his tongue. For a long time he knew that his brother didn't even approve of him and Emma, but, again, he couldn't have cared less about his brother's opinion.

Booyah, Blayne with long hair is sexy!! It won't change, EVER! Blayne with long hair forever! D

Art, Emma and Blayne are (c) to Me.
Casper is (c) to Universal/Amblin/HarveyToons
Artwork © 2009 Melle L

Referenced Source: Casper

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