Side 7 Experiment
By Daisy Hunt (Lucky_Ladybug66)
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  Experiment — By Daisy Hunt (Lucky_Ladybug66)  
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  Experiment — By Daisy Hunt (Lucky_Ladybug66)  
Rating: E
Category: Fan Art - Anime/Manga
Classified: Finished Piece
Filesize: 107.33 Kb
Dimensions: 858 x 1011
  20 Jul 2010 - 03:42 ET
**hides from flying fruit.** This is also from When They Call You. Ahiru revives Autor with a kiss, meant to be platonic, and ends up a girl. Confused over how her feelings helped them both, she wonders if she feels more for Autor than she thought. Impulsively, she kisses him again, this time on the lips. He returns it, but then they both break away, embarrassed, acknowledging that they feel for each other in a familial way instead.
Artwork © 2010 Daisy Hunt

Additional Credits: Autor and Ahiru (c) Ikuko Itoh. Pic and fic (c) ME!

Referenced Source: Princess Tutu

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