Side 7 Dust Cap
By Julie Miyamoto (Minzoku)
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  Dust Cap — By Julie Miyamoto (Minzoku)  
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  Dust Cap — By Julie Miyamoto (Minzoku)  
Rating: E
Category: Fashion Design / Costuming
Classified: Work-In-Progress
Filesize: 143.25 Kb
Dimensions: 800 x 600
  27 Mar 2013 - 03:13 ET
The working design for my Dust beanie! Still needs some slight modifications, like making them look less like donkey ears. but I think this is the best practical interpretation of Dust's satgat--I can't figure out how to do the dangling cloth bits without leaving ragged parts exposed.

Note I had to teach myself how to work a sewing machine, so don't ask me for the pattern, 'cause I just kinda bumbled my way through reverse-engineering another beanie, and any design I could draw would be nonsensical to anyone other than someone already experienced enough to figure this out on their own.  Also, don't ask for this one [unless you're Dean Dodrill!]--it took me too long to make this, and I have other things to do besides make 100 more.

Hope to finish the actual costume at some point this year... =p
Artwork © 2013 Julie Miyamoto

Additional Credits: Noogy is awesome

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