Side 7 Dust: MAGFest 2014
By Julie Miyamoto (Minzoku)
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  Dust: MAGFest 2014 — By Julie Miyamoto (Minzoku)  
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  Dust: MAGFest 2014 — By Julie Miyamoto (Minzoku)  
Rating: E
Category: Fashion Design / Costuming
Classified: Work-In-Progress
Filesize: 171.75 Kb
Dimensions: 700 x 1000
  06 Jan 2014 - 00:35 ET
Since I'm no longer the only Dust cosplayer, I naturally had to step up my game from last year, though this is still only ~80%(!) of what I was trying for before I ran out of time... would like to see some photos from the billion people who took them! [If you missed me, sorry—I'm not used to cosplaying just to be seen and got bored easily when I couldn't find an open game in the arcade.]

This is also my first fursuit head, which ended up larger than expected [oops, forgetting to adjust for size] but was nevertheless very breathable. Most of the work went into Ahrah, though—particularly last-minute—which is still kinda heavy despite trying for the lightest build possible. I mean, have you ever carried a prop around a convention?? UGH

[I mean to do more photos since the others I have turned out mediocre, but that'll have to wait until after MAGFest decompression... *dies*]

Edit: Found a few!
Artwork © 2014 Julie Miyamoto

Additional Credits: Noogy!

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