Side 7 Unnamed FF7/FF:T game Terri Lynn Carolina
By Terry Sender (mouse)
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  Unnamed FF7/FF:T game Terri Lynn Carolina — By Terry Sender (mouse)  
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  Unnamed FF7/FF:T game Terri Lynn Carolina — By Terry Sender (mouse)  
Rating: E
Category: Concept Art
Classified: Rough Image
Filesize: 212.56 Kb
Dimensions: 585 x 800
  05 Apr 2014 - 17:21 ET
Man, it's been forever since I last uploaded, hasn't it? Well, never fear, a dumb stroke and brain surgery isn't going to stop this artist cold; no, instead, it'll just be sloth and laziness that stops me dead in my tracks.

In any case, Terri Lynn Carolina is one of several characters I had in mind for a video game RPG that was supposed to be a blend of Final Fantasy VII (limit breaks) and Final Fantasy: Tactics (dynamic area for fights and necessary movement and positioning). Terri Lynn is a former Marine captain and used to lead the Terran Marine Anti-Terrorist Unit (well, one of several) before her entire team, as well as a civilian space cruise liner and the entire crew of that, was destroyed by an archmage terrorist that just didn't know when to quit... and then she filled him with more bullet holes than any one entity should live through. She's a warrior type, so no spells, but dual pistols for ranged combat and a longsword for when she wants to get "personal".

She enjoys getting "personal", let's just say.

Terri Lynn Carolina is the concept of Terry Sender.

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