Side 7 Unnamed FF7/FF:T game Diane Mk. 4
By Terry Sender (mouse)
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  Unnamed FF7/FF:T game Diane Mk. 4 — By Terry Sender (mouse)  
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  Unnamed FF7/FF:T game Diane Mk. 4 — By Terry Sender (mouse)  
Rating: E
Category: Concept Art
Classified: Rough Image
Filesize: 111.53 Kb
Dimensions: 568 x 800
  05 Apr 2014 - 18:24 ET
And now for the art that happened after my stroke. This is one of the first ones that I did that still relates to my Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy: Tactics video game RPG idea. This is Diane, a mysterious black vixen that Terri meets at first while investigating an installation on her search for more clues as to who's causing all the havoc that's the source of the issues for the game in general. She'll spot Diane in the background here and there, but won't get to interact with her until she gets into a room that locks up behind her. She has to find the key in order to exit, but the room starts filling up with knock-out gas; assume the background music is one of the tracks to a particular Chumbawumba album, Tubthumper specifically, Amnesia. You have until that song is done. If you haven't found the key before the song ends, the gas takes effect. If the key is found, she unlocks the door, and then meets up with Diane.

Assuming the key wasn't found, Terri passes out... and then comes to on the campus of her high school, like she just passed out on the lawn or something. Who should be there to greet her, but... Diane, who Terri Lynn recalls as not having been one of the students she went to school with, for all four years. Turns out she's in a machine that's trying to make her think she's back in high school, and basically trying to discourage Terri from even having joined the Terra Marine Corps., and ever having been a part of the Anti-Terrorist Unit at all. Diane is there to make sure she does take the appropriate measures.

As it turns out, Diane Mk. 4 is a very convincing cyborg, and regardless will join the party once Terri Lynn clears the facility. Even though she's a warrior type, she doesn't get a ranged weapon; she does more than enough damage with her fists alone. She also can't be magically healed, though she keeps this information from the party until she's forced to get repairs.

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