Side 7 Unnamed FF7/FF:T game Mandy Sands
By Terry Sender (mouse)
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  Unnamed FF7/FF:T game Mandy Sands — By Terry Sender (mouse)  
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  Unnamed FF7/FF:T game Mandy Sands — By Terry Sender (mouse)  
Rating: E
Category: Concept Art
Classified: Rough Image
Filesize: 102.24 Kb
Dimensions: 685 x 800
  05 Apr 2014 - 19:49 ET
And now, for the certified nutcase of my Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy: Tactics video game RPG idea, Mandy Sands. Of course, part of why she's so flighty is due to the nature of her species; she's a grey squirrel. She's also an apprentice air elementalist... and a wild mage on the side. This gives her an ability during the game that's just called Wild Surge; if that gets chosen, one random target on the field gets hit with one random effect... meaning she could just as easily harm one of her teammates as she could heal one of the opponents, and it wasn't her fault.

Being that she's a mage (and an insane one, at that), she's clearly a magic type. She gets the strangest weapon category in the game, though; Miscellaneous, which means she gets junk that basically no one else even wants to use to defend themselves with. She starts off with an aluminum baseball bat (which she conveniently keeps in her shed that she lives in), but can get anything else from a chainsaw to a sharpened HAM radio antennae to a lawnmower. Shades of Dead Alive, anyone?

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