Side 7 Unnamed FF7/FF:T game Shane McDowell
By Terry Sender (mouse)
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  Unnamed FF7/FF:T game Shane McDowell — By Terry Sender (mouse)  
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  Unnamed FF7/FF:T game Shane McDowell — By Terry Sender (mouse)  
Rating: E
Category: Concept Art
Classified: Rough Image
Filesize: 113.96 Kb
Dimensions: 693 x 800
  05 Apr 2014 - 20:10 ET
And now, for the final (for now) image for my Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy: Tactics video game RPG idea, Shane McDowell. Shane is a hardened survivalist who couldn't give a care about all of this so-called "magic" in the worlds, and just wants to be left alone to do his thing... that is, until all this trouble starts brewing, and he finds himself caught up in the middle of it all, regardless. Being essentially a survivalist, he's got himself the basics: a shotgun to take care of things from a distance, and a survival knife for when things decide they want him to smell their breath. Personally, he's just fine using both to eliminate anything that tries to make him fail as a survivalist.

One of Shane's maneuvers in my head is to dash forward, clock the opponent with the butt of his rifle, kick them further down to the ground, kneel over the body, and stab the body with his knife. That just seems to... flow, for me.

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