Side 7 Unnamed FF7/FF:T game Timothy Linn Carolina
By Terry Sender (mouse)
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  Unnamed FF7/FF:T game Timothy Linn Carolina — By Terry Sender (mouse)  
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  Unnamed FF7/FF:T game Timothy Linn Carolina — By Terry Sender (mouse)  
Rating: E
Category: Concept Art
Classified: Rough Image
Filesize: 157.24 Kb
Dimensions: 585 x 800
  05 Apr 2014 - 20:21 ET
Here's the second image for my unnamed Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy: Tactics video game RPG concept. This one was actually created initially by an old friend of mine, Raven. His name is Timothy Linn Carolina, and, like his sister, was also in the Marines before quitting, himself. He was actually a First Lieutenant, but also in charge of a mage team that went after the archmage terrorist a couple of years before Terri Lynn had to deal with him. Of course, his team failed, and Timothy got trapped in a soul jar and was forced to watch as the archmage personally destroyed every other person on his team... and then just released him for whatever reason (probably just assuming that Timothy wouldn't dare touch him, considering just how easily he soul jarred Timothy and then destroyed the rest of his team one by one). A year after his release, he quit the Marine corp. for psychiatric reasons, but Terri still trusts him, even if everyone else is a little... shaky about his experiences.

Seeing as Timothy was part of the Mages of the Terran Marines, needless to say he's a mage. When he's low or out of mana, he's got a swordcane to back himself back up with.

EDIT: Had to re-upload this image because I accidentally put the wrong imagine up there before.

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