Side 7 Thylacine family spotted...
By Violet Whirlwind (VioletWhirlwind)
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  Thylacine family spotted... — By Violet Whirlwind (VioletWhirlwind)  
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  Thylacine family spotted... — By Violet Whirlwind (VioletWhirlwind)  
Rating: E
Category: 3D Media / Sculpture
Classified: Undefined
Filesize: 2.20 Mb
Dimensions: 1030 x 1480
  06 Apr 2014 - 17:01 ET my apartment. Who would have guessed that they had evolved such day-glo colors?


All silliness aside, I made these little guys out of pipe cleaners back in January. I'm only just now getting around to posting the pics. *is lazy* It's too bad my camera focused on the backdrop instead of the figures. :/ They're really cute (in my mind anyway.)
Artwork © 2014 Violet Whirlwind

Additional Credits: animals, figurines, pipe cleaners, props, crafts, thylacines, thylacine, tasmanian tiger, tasmanian tigers, marsupial, marsupials, extinct

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