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By ashley albert (captor-variety7)
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ashley albert :

  Karin Akazuki — By ashley albert (captor-variety7)  
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  Karin Akazuki — By ashley albert (captor-variety7)  
Rating: E
Category: Concept Art
Classified: Finished Piece
Filesize: 4.00 Mb
Dimensions: 2783 x 2477
  31 May 2015 - 13:46 ET
this is one of my original characters Karin Akazuki the ruby dark mage

here is a bit of info about her

Full Name: Karin Riley Akasuki
Gender: Female
Alliance:: Good/heroine
Relatives: Mayuma Akazuki (ancestor) Ryuko Akazuki(fullblood grandfather)Yamina Akazuki(half-blood grandmother) Yoko Akazuki (Fullblood aunt)Zachary Kyoko(half-blood uncle)Martin Kyoko(fullblood cousin) Natsumi Akazuki(fullblood mother) Haru Akazuki(half-blood father) Kazemaru Akazuki(fullblood brother) Fiora Akazuki(full blood sister)
Age: 21
Birthday:April 16
Blood type: O+
Hair Color: Goldish Platinum Blond
Eye Color: Crimson
Skin Color: Light Fair Peach
Body Type: Hourglass
Breast size: 45D-E Cup
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Crush: Devin Hawk
Class/Occupation: Magus(Not all magus are evil)
Likes: her best friends, Tea, Relaxing, Cats or any cute animals
Dislikes:Tripping(she is clumsy). Onions. Centipedes
Hometown: Fungi village in the Shigomirichi Region
Weapon of Choice: Handmade ruby scythe
Personality: Karin is somewhat calm,cool and a bit passive. but is serious when provoked.she is also tends to be somewhat clumsy at times and gullible. when she is serious. she tends to swear like a sailor and can be a bit mean at times. she is also not a morning person and is somewhat grouchy until she has her tea. She can also be very bashful at times. overall she is a friendly person
Bio: Daughter of Natsumi and Haru and Second born. Karin was born in Fungi Village she got along well with her the age of 6 she went to the Academy where she met, Yoshimoto,Devin and Suzuki and they became friends. She was not the best student as she tends to mess up a lot on her grades. she was train by Devin and they became best friends. by the age of 10 she started to make the weapon of her choice the ruby staff with her mom Natsumi and her mom taught her how to use Fire magic since its in her blood line.
Abilities: Her clan ability The Akazuki Clan produce Fire Element magic. she also can use her Scythe for her weapon.
Names of attacks/Spells: WIP

Karin Akazuki belongs to me
Artwork © 2015 ashley albert

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