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By CyberCorn Entropic (Roadstripe)
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  Inktober 2017 - 3 — By CyberCorn Entropic (Roadstripe)  
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  Inktober 2017 - 3 — By CyberCorn Entropic (Roadstripe)  
Rating: E
Category: Fantasy
Classified: Finished Piece
Filesize: 67.57 Kb
Dimensions: 700 x 562
  04 Oct 2017 - 08:53 ET
C is for Cockatrice. The cockatrice is such a bizarre beast. Born of a rooster mother and a toad father, it spends its days alone and unloved. Alas for it, but happily for us, it'll find no henatices to make chickatrices with.

Imagine my surprise when, while looking up a cockatrice, I saw it looked just like a chicken-style bird dragon. Go figure. I also probably should have put those wings up instead of down.

Art 10/2017 Marvin E. Fuller

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