Side 7 Speedy Cerviche and the Battle of the Ninja Crows
By Miss D. (Debra) (Weasel_Silver24)
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  Speedy Cerviche and the Battle of the Ninja Crows — By Miss D. (Debra) (Weasel_Silver24)  
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  Speedy Cerviche and the Battle of the Ninja Crows — By Miss D. (Debra) (Weasel_Silver24)  
Rating: E
Category: Fan Art - TV/Movie
Classified: Finished Piece
Filesize: 251.10 Kb
Dimensions: 612 x 792
  26 Jun 2020 - 17:48 ET
Here is Speedy in a battle against Bad Bird and his Ninja Crows; and appears that has cleaned house with some those Ninja

Poor Lucille, appears to be tied up and... what is that on her head? One of Big Cheese's crazy robot/monster invention to perhaps keep her from using missiles? What a crazy scene! Will Speedy be able to
rescue Lucille from these terrible foes?

I remember this TV show back in 1997/98 what fun those times were! This is the first time I have ever drawn Samurai Pizza Cats. Not bad for a first time.

By the way: There is no blood here, the red on the crows outfits are their logo. However, there are some violence, but wasn't sure if I should really rate this T and V. I can change this if need be... Enjoy.

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Additional Credits: Samurai Pizza Cats and the characters belong to (C) Saban Entertainment/Discotek Media. The drawing and idea for it is from me Miss D. (Debra)

Referenced Source: Samurai Pizza Cats

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