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Language Packs, Volunteers, and Updates, oh my!

Upcoming features, current needs, and impending changes...
by BadKarma
10 Mar 2009 - 18:37

Greetings all,

Just a small update to let you know we're still working to give you the best we possibly can in Side 7! As always, your comments, questions and suggestions are always appreciated. You can submit them here:

Language Packs:
In the effort to open the site to a much wider audience, we're looking to add language options in version 4.2. This is a far-reaching goal that will require a lot of work, as well as some volunteers. This will give each user the ability to select the language of choice, and all the static site text will be displayed in the selected language, as opposed to only English. This will require building a library all that content, and asking volunteers who natively speak foreign languages to give us translations of each entry in the library. Hopefully, we'll be able to get multiple foreign language speakers so that we can get cross-referenced and cross-checked work back, and no one can sneak in inappropriate language. >:)

So far, with the help of site analytics, we've been able to identify the top languages that people have their browsers set to: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Finnish, and Polish. We'd love to hear back from our users on any other languages they'd like to see featured on the site.

You can provide feedback, comments, questions, etc. on our forums:

Volunteers are needed to help run events on Side 7! What events, you say? Why, the Weekly Challenges and Monthly Contests, I respond!

Just what are the Weekly Challenges? I'm glad you asked!

Weekly Challenges are an activity that we at Side 7 used to run (before we got sacked over the head with outside obligations that prevented us from running them on a regular basis). The challenges are designed to help artists break out of the box and try something new and, well, challenging! Once posted, anyone who wanted to participate could draw something that fit the challenge, and on the due date, all participants would post links to their entries. Comments and critiques of each others' works were invited, but not obligatory.

Monthly Contests were similar, but spanned a month's time. The contest would give each participant 3 weeks to submit their entry to a challenging topic. At the end of the three weeks, one week worth of voting would occur (in private), and the winner would be declared at the end of the month. Winners generally received a 2-month 5-Star upgrade.

What we need is one or two volunteers who would be willing to reliably run these two events. One person can do it, but two gives extra eyes, brains, and time to take care of things. If we have multiple volunteers, they will be working together on these events, so the ability to work with others is mandatory.

All volunteers would report directly to Bad Karma.

If you're interested, shoot Bad Karma an e-mail at or send him a Private Message (badkarma).

You can provide feedback, comments, questions, etc. on our forums:

Work continues to progress on version 4.0.1. The full list of what's included in 4.0.1 is as follows:
- Bug Fix: Auto-URL linking not working in all cases
- Bug Fix: Sticky Threads not being included in the forums status icon display.
- Bug Fix: Replies to comments aren't notifying the parent commenter and image owner.
- Re-enable: Profile image management and uploading.
- Re-enable: View Favourited Images
- Re-enable: View Images w/ Comments

I hope this message finds you all well!

-- BK

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