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Concerning the reCAPTCHA system

We know it's annoying, but...
by BadKarma
02 Apr 2009 - 09:46

Unfortunately, yes, the CAPTCHA is, at this point in time, a permanent fixture on Side 7. This was not our initial design, but over the past month and a half, our comment system has been innundated with spam bot attacks. We had a number of site members whose images were being hit by these bots about every 30 seconds with new spam posts.

Admittedly, the CAPTCHA institution was hastily done to stop the harassment. There are bugs in its implementation that are being worked on, such as the loss of comment data if the CAPTCHA is not performed correctly. Unfortunately, because we're using a CAPTCHA service, we have no control over the two-word issue.

And, unfortunately, looking through log data, the bots are still attacking the commenting and guestbook system, but at least now they're not getting through to the members.

I apologize about this inconvenience, but it's become a necessary evil. Personally, I find CAPTCHA systems to be annoying, myself. But, unfortunately, until we come up with a better solution, this is what we have with which to work.

As always, comments and concerns can be voiced in our forums, where this news is cross-posted.

-- BK

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