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Side 7 Looking To Fill Staff Position

by BadKarma
17 Feb 2010 - 20:43

Take an active role in running Side 7! Help the site grow and positively affect the site's future!

Side 7 is looking to fill a staff position for the role of Public Relations (PR) Officer. Just what is a PR Officer, you say? It's the person in charge of Side 7's public image! Details of the role are as follows:

- Research the best and most effective ways to advertise the site.
- Develop ideas for improving and maintaining membership numbers.
- Develop site online and offline activity and contest ideas.
- Help to improve Side 7's standings in search engines.
- Help to manage any 3rd party information about Side 7 (e.g., sites like ).
- Act as public liaison between the site membership and the site administrative staff.
- Have direct input on site development to help meet membership needs and evolve site features.

- This position is a volunteer position (all admin and moderator staff positions are).
- All site staff receive a free 5 Star-level account for the duration of their tenure on-staff.

Interested parties should have similar experience (professional or not), a willingness to help drive the site forward, and be self-motivated. Good written communication skills are a must. Mature, responsible parties will be considered for the position.

If interested, please contact and send your resume/experience information to Bad Karma (Jason Lamey) at .

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