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Recent Spammer Attacks

We've been suffering some recent spammer attacks, but we're working on plugging the holes...
by BadKarma
21 Oct 2012 - 12:48

Side 7 has been under attack recently by spammers originating in China. They've been posting mass advertisements for clothing, watches, and other miscellaneous items in image comments, private messages, e-mails and on the forums.

I am aware of the issue, and are working hard to discover exactly how they're doing it, and to plug those holes.

As I discover the offending accounts, I am removing from the system them and any comments and/or spam they are putting out.

I understand how annoying and frustrating this is for you; please understand that it is equally as frustrating and annoying to me. This is a project I've worked on for 20 years, and to have someone abuse it in this way really angers me.

You can help me out by remaining diligent and letting me know when you spot this abuse. I am scanning the site and forums every day, but the more eyes on it the better. Together, we can wipe this abuse out.

I can be contacted via the "Report A Problem" link under "Help & Support", directly through the admin [at] side7 [dot] com e-mail address, or over AIM (Armitige3).

Thanks, folks.

-- BK

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