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On Cloud 9!

Side 7's servers are back up, and now live in the Cloud!
by BadKarma
30 Aug 2017 - 15:13

Side 7 was down for over a month as our servers encountered some hardware issues. During that time, we had difficulty meshing schedules with our collo host so that we could pick up our physical hardware from their facility, due to serious health issues our host is experiencing.

It took some doing, but we've been working hard to get the site back up, and we're now live, living in the Cloud. No more physical hardware to maintain.

Now, this comes with some caveats: a) we do not yet have the mail server back up, so e-mail still isn't functional; b) you *might* experience some weirdness or errors we haven't yet sussed out. If you do, please report it ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE.

What's coming up? We're also moving our v5 project work to the Cloud, as well. We'll be giving users access to the Beta of v5 in time.

Thanks for your patience!!
-- BK

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