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Full Name: Aliet Faslami
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Other Aliases: Ally08
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Birthday: 14 Nov 1986
AF will be 35 this year.
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Webpage: No Life Should Ever Be Clouded So
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  "Be warned. When crossing a Faslami, it is best to wear clothing that can withstand the heat and the wrath of the volcano from which all Faslami are born. Water is their enemy but the sea their ever-present longing. Torn between the element of their birth and the element that is the sea, the Faslami may only find solace in the land of Hawai'i, where these two elements are so closely joined. Banished from their homeland to forever wander the earth, their divided hearts grieve for what they lost until the end of the world."
-Hawai'ian King Kamehameha

I hate these things ~.~

I love art and writing, both of which I take part in almost continuously.

I'm still working on:
--the Kaalae Series
--Various script-format SI's
--OT with Maniacal Dragon *hugs for Lynne*
--Moulin Vert
--Sanity's Requiem
--the fic affectionately dubbed as, "Fiddle-Battle", which will appear on either mine, Maniacal Dragon's, or KidKourage's profiles

You can expect art from all of the above, as well as art from an RPG I'm involved in and some rather poor attempts at Anime fan art.

Hugs for all my friends :D

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