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Full Name: She'na Forga
Username: Altooleofree
Other Aliases: ~KDD~
Joined Side 7: 08 Nov 2003
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Sex: Female
Birthday: 24 Dec 1987
Altooleofree will be 32 this year.
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Webpage: Evilgirl/KDD
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Main Gallery (99): Fan Art - Anime/Manga (1), Fan Art - Game (1), Fan Art - TV/Movie (22), Furry / Anthropomorphic (2), Miscellaneous (73)

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  As much as i like to draw, i really can only make up stuff from what i type in my stoires. I have 5 books completed as of right now. Anyways most of my drawings will come from my books. I like to draw for friends and make them happy beacuse they can't draw for beans XP..shh don't tell them!  

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16 Jan 2004 - 23:01 ET

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SHE'NA I LOVE UR PICS EVEN THOUGH I CAN SEE THEM EVERY SINGLE DAY AT SCHOOL AND STUFF!...ok, got that outta my system...u should really add some of those *clears throat* others....AND U NEED A PIC!!!!-of My'ru...Reeku's getting lonely up in my gallery by hiself...*puppy dog pout* yes...i know ur weekness.....NOW! DRAW A PIC OF HER, WOMAN!

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