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Full Name: Artemis 106
Username: Artey
Other Aliases: Artemis/ Artey/ Sirryda
Joined Side 7: 30 Apr 2002
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Sex: Female
Birthday: 06 Oct 1982
Artey will be 35 this year.
Location: The Big Apple :P, USA
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AIM: RabidArtey
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Main Gallery (111): Furry / Anthropomorphic (97), Humanoid (5), Miscellaneous (9)

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L.I. Wilson (katronmaster)

  Hi there! Me Artey or Sirryda, depending on who you are. ^_^ Well, let's see. Should talk about myself. I do enjoy to draw, even though I should learn to have patience with them. ((10 minute sketch is not ready to be colored. )) Also like to do HTML and make sites, or chat with people. Fairly talkative, depending on who you are, and if I ever talked to you before.
Right now, getting my own site, and gonna be doing that. And planning to upgrade my account.

I've been seriously thinking about college. Not positively sure if I want to go to Ohio like I planed, or go to NJ with my twin cousin. ((we look A LOT alike. *shrugs*)) So, yeah, those are my choices. But plan to do one by the beginning of next year. As soon as I figure which, I'll tell you. lol.

Friends on ze internet: Well, most of my friends are on Neopets, cause that's one of the few places I feel comfortable at. Anywho, they're TC, Angel, Usami, Insane, and a few others I forgots.

Best Friend on ze internet: Well, my best friend on the internet is Leslie. (Peggyj on Neopets, Leslie Irene/Katronmaster on Side7.) I would do anything for her and she would do anything for me, especially after I made her a whole bunch of NPs.

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24 Jul 2004 - 15:36 ET

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That is an awsome gallery it has lots of color =/ great job

11 Mar 2004 - 15:52 ET

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awesome gallery^____^;;

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