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Full Name: Criket Ferrin
Username: CRIKET
Other Aliases: Apatha
Joined Side 7: 19 Jul 2004
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Sex: Female
Birthday: 12 Apr 1989
CRIKET turned 32 this year.
Location: California, United States
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AIM: apatha2
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Main Gallery (66): Fan Art - Animation/Comic (13), Fan Art - Book (5), Fan Art - Other (4), Furry / Anthropomorphic (1), Humanoid (3), Miscellaneous (40)

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  I'm kinda new to this whole art thing, so i'm going to stick to fan art and my original comics. I'm just drawing comics to relieve stress, but i wouldn't mind becoming a better artist, so any advice will be accepted.

Apperance: Skinny, big hands, short (SHORT) dirty blond hair, gray-blue eyes (usually hidden by sunglasses), tall.

Things I Love: my cat, reading, writing, drawing (obviously), Jhonen Vasquez's stuff, and music (preferably happy rock a.k.a. NOT depressing)

Things I Hate: most rap, immature people, and closed minds (i'm a pretty easy-going person)

Arithmancy #: 2

Zodiac Sign: Aries (though I act more like a Libra)

Favorite Shows: Invader Zim, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Teen Titans (weird, yes?)

Favorite Bands/Songs: Nuclear Rabbit, Sublime, White Stripes, Coheed and Cambria, Green Day...

Favorite Quotes:
"If chickens could fly, where would they go?" -Sherry
"It's not stupid, it's advaaanced" -Almighty Tallest Purple
"But if the big 'splodey goes fast, won't it get all bad?" -GIR
"Why is a raven like a writing desk?" -the Mad Hatter

Life?: not really

(Notice the picture. Proof of my huge hands!)

Better art (also most recent) can be found at because I live there now.

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19 Apr 2005 - 13:22 ET

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Hey man. Thanks for the comment yestersay, I really appreciate it. :D

What is this wacky trembling you are giving your images? All previews are flashing at me. ^^

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