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Full Name: Jamie Corcoran
Username: Catsy
Other Aliases: Catsy
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Birthday: 16 May 1989
Catsy turned 30 this year.
Location: USA
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Edlena Faison (lenachan)

  Hey! My name's Jamie, but friends call me Catsy^.~ Welcome to my Studio!

I enjoy art trades much better then requests. If you request something, I warn you I may not have the time, but I'm always up for a nice trade. And commissions I'm deffinetly all for!!

Loves to draw: Cats! (it's what I draw the most)

Likes to draw: Sonic the hedgehog and gang; just plain furry; anime; manga; realistic humans and animals

Dislikes to draw: scenery; nature in general; backgrounds

Hates to draw: I don't really hate to draw anything.

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18 Nov 2004 - 23:29 ET

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Ive been gradually paging back through your gallery, to which i am completely astonished and amazed with everything. You are awesome. I finally decided to comment because, well, it's Garfield! SQUEEEE!!! Hehehe. I don't think there are words for what i think of your talents.

31 Oct 2004 - 02:53 ET

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I like a lot of your line work. It's really well done, and so are your coloured pencil drawings. I hope to see more soon. ^_^

(Anonymously Posted)
29 Apr 2003 - 18:47 ET
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