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Full Name: Tabby Blades
Username: Cha0sDrag0n151
Other Aliases: Crucible, GuardianOfSanction, Tabby, and LimePirat
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Cha0sDrag0n151 turned 34 this year.
Location: Florida, United States
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AIM: LimePirate151
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Furry / Anthropomorphic

  I like medival styled fantasy, but not futuristic fantasy. Maybe that's part of my obsession with wanting to undo the past - So I dislike the future?

My internet persona is a bronze dragon named Crucible, because I liked Mary Herbert's character so much. (Changed somewhat since Crucible is actually a male dragon.)

I would change my name here to either Crucible or GuardianOfSanction, but that'd require reuploading images and such - And I am lazy! : D

I like to experiment with many art mediums, but I mostly do pencil sketches or computer images with Pixia since I don't have Photoshop.

Typically the music I listen to goes with the mood of myself and the subject at hand. I like a varied style of music. Some rock, some pop, some punk, some alternative, some bordering on jazz, some rap, some hip hop, some country ect.

Anything that strikes me as good listening. I don't automatically hate a song, because it's not from one genre, because frankly..I can't tell the difference a lot of times. I don't understand how other people do..

My ipod is probably the only one that will take you from Escape the Fate's heavy guitars, fast drumming, screaming, and low growls into Dolly Parton's banjo plucking and singing. (An odd combination - But the random play picked it.)



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