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Full Name: S.C. Stansell
Username: Chibi_Xzaide
Other Aliases: Xzaide, Black, Cheesepuff, Muffmeister, Taco, Crow
Joined Side 7: 06 Sep 2003
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Birthday: 28 Apr 1986
Chibi_Xzaide will be 35 this year.
Location: Tennessee, USA
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AIM: Riko Ersted
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Furry / Anthropomorphic

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  I have been drawing all of my life. I still can't really color worth a crap, but my line art continues to improve. You'll notice that I mostly draw my RP characters. Though most of what you'll see from them is from an RP that is most unfortunately dead and gone. If you make your way to the back of my gallery, you'll see that it is very old. Side7 is where I started in posting my art online; and after being unfairly banned from DeviantArt, I have returned again to my roots.

I hope that you enjoy my art; and I GREATLY appreciate all comments and feedback.

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