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Full Name: Lauren Rankin
Username: Claidis
Other Aliases: Dež, Des-almeara, Desert A.
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AIM: Alanna Mosvani
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Main Gallery (68): Fan Art - Celebrity (2), Fan Art - TV/Movie (4), Furry / Anthropomorphic (33), Humanoid (19), Miscellaneous (10)

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  I'm in my second to third year of drawing, and with about a year and a half of that as furries. My other favorite genre is elves and faeries. My most common medium is real media (Prismacolor pencils/markers [not a lot of markers, I can tell you.]) However, I recently got Photoshop 7, so I've been moving into being able to do CG work too.  

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15 Dec 2003 - 12:48 ET

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It's already been sed by SageWillow, but you are amazing at coloring. Your skin tones on characters luk almost real, and to say you do most with pencils is - wow. Nice gallery, I had fun glaring at most of your pictures ;)

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02 Sep 2003 - 10:34 ET
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I just love your use of colour! I'm all the more impressed since you seem to prefer colour pencils. Very few artists stick to traditional mediums with the advent of CG ^_^ The shading, the blending and the choice of colours... simply beautiful.
02 Sep 2003 - 18:35 ET

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Thank you! Yes, I adore my prisma pencils...*hugs her box(es)* I think I'm pretty much stuck on traditional, heh, though I can do CG. I agree with you---
Revive the real media! heh.
Thank you again!

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