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Full Name: Charlie Stadele
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Birthday: 20 May 1981
Crash will be 39 this year.
Location: Colorado, USA. Where else?
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  By and large, I'm an animation fan. I've gotten into some live actions shows like Babylon 5 or DS9, as well as plenty of live action movies, but it's animation that really grabs my interest. Always has. Through friends I've gotten hooked on various animes. DBZ, InuYasha, Trigun, Escaflone, little bit of Kenshin, and even the Cowboy Bebop movie. But I still prefer western animation. Something about the animaion itself grabs me more than anime. Back in the day it was Darkwing Duck, Rescue Rangers, ExoSquad... Nowadays, I've grown up (a little bit) and have moved on to X-Men: Evolution, the new Ninja Turtles, and Gargoyles reruns. Put that show on DVD. Now.

I'm also a comics fan. Started with Excalibur, moved on to Avengers, and Nightwing, then CrossGen... But lately I've kinda fallen out of comics... In no small part because of CrossGen's current downward spiral into bankrupcy.

After five years at Kansas State University, I have taken my degree and stepped into the real world. I currently find myself in in the resort town of Steamboat Springs, working as an Architectural Intern. In a major shift from college, this means I'm noly busy from 8 to 5! My evenings are free!

So I'm starting to draw a bit more than I could before. Not doing too much fanart though. Mostly sketching up my own characters. I've got some crazy notion that I may start up my own webcomic. Y'know, just like evey other artist that hangs out here. Heh. Maybe. We'll see.


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