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Full Name: Isabel P. Cirerol
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  Hello! Hereís something about me.
Please read it all, it wonít take more than three

What I like I can tell you:
I like the rain, I like the moon,
And I like to draw in my room.
I like dark cats that cry in the night.
Itís a bit weird, but thatís alright.

Speaking of cats I have three:
One is fat, one is thin and the third was free
The first two help me in this one if you know what I meanÖ

In my life I wish to write things that bring a laugh,
But all the things I write make even my fish sad.
The truth is the fish arenít mine.
I just wanted the paragraph to rime.
But hey! They arenít even paying me a line!

And from the TV I will just say,
History and Discovery Channel,
I donít want you to think that I am lame.
But when my dad turns around,
Nick and Cartoon Network becomes the best,
Because I just love those clowns.

I will speak more about me: I like to sing.
But some say I sound like Zim.
Itís crazy, I know,
But thatís how I am, It really show?

I like to dance or ďla cucaracha bailarĒ.
Oh, that last part didnít rime.
Let me start again, and give it another try.
I bet you donít understand Spanish.
I promise thatís the last time I write in my native language.

I have this friend, and Jerry is his name.
Heís crazy when Iím sane.
I like to draw comics even if they arenít my thing.
Thatís why I have Jerry to help me.
But wait, he canít even draw a string!

This is the part where I talk about my lifeís story.
Hey! Where are you going?
Itís not that boring!!

OK, I know Iím getting annoying,
This is the end, So you can get going.
ÖAnd to finish, just one last thing:
Whatís the similatary between a crow and a writer?
I donít know either. I was hoping you had the answer.

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13 Jan 2005 - 02:43 ET

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Yor image "Maybe itīs because of the rain" touch my heart deeper: I can feel the sadness of Dib so much that I almost cry when I see it. Itīs simply a wonderful work. And the other images in your gallery are excellent drawings too (Really funny "Card Captor Zim?" ^¨^). Youīre a really good artist, congrats ^_^. Oh, and I wanna know if you can make a "Gaz and Zim Romance" or a "Dib and Tak Romance" fan art. He,he,yeah, I know, another crazy sweety girl, but Iīll thank you all my life if you do this favor to me *^_^*. Excuse me if I bother you and congratulations again for your art.

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Defunct User Account
09 Apr 2004 - 02:45 ET
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HEYY! I <3 your gallery!! And artwork!! I made you a GIFT PIC! Of dibbers! Its on my gallery here at Side 7! Im Alicia Elder on it! Look it up! ^__^!! Hope you comment on it. Laterz!

06 Apr 2004 - 21:56 ET

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::Jealous:: Everything you draw is so cute ad so perfect!! You do the kind of things with the original IZ style, that I only wished I could do! How do you do it?? So, so, so, so CUUUUUTE!!! ^_____^ Now I'mma be a huge fan of yours, lol!

24 Mar 2004 - 15:22 ET

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you got such an awesome gallery. I really do like your coloring style. it's really pretty^^!

06 Mar 2004 - 21:31 ET

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Anonymous Comments Disabled - Login To Comment

Let me say your art is really exceptional (I think I spelled that right, heehee ^^;;). There aren't a lot of images in your gallery yet, but the ones that are there are so good, and I just hope you'll keep posting more for everyone to see. I think you may have inspired me ^_^ I'll keep an eye on this gallery so keep up the beautiful work.

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