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Full Name: Gina Marie
Username: GinaMarie
Joined Side 7: 14 Jan 2004
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Sex: Female
Birthday: 30 Sep 1962
GinaMarie will be 57 this year.
Location: Indiana, USA
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Webpage: Briar Moon Studio
Yahoo! IM: changingspirit
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Main Gallery (40): Fan Art - Celebrity (2), Furry / Anthropomorphic (1), Humanoid (33), Miscellaneous (4)

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Preferred Categories: Fan Art - Anime/Manga

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  Gina Marie was born in rural Indiana, on a warm fall day in
September, and she still resides there today. Her passion for
art has been with her throughout her life. She has been drawing
since she became old enough to hold a crayon, and has never
lost her love for creating. She has worked in many mediums,
through out the years, and today mainly works in water color, and
polymer clay for her figurative sculptures. Her main inspirations
are the glory of nature, ancient myth and legend, fairy tales, and
her own little muse, who forever whispers in her ear. Several years
ago an accident almost took her dominant right fore arm and hand.
A solid year of recovery became a period of growth for the artist. In
this year she discovered what she had been telling friends and family
along, she could not live sanely without the creative process, of her
mind and hands. After a slow and painful recovery period she regained the use
of her right hand once more, and she began to actively pursue her love of
art on a daily basis.
Gina Marie lives on a farm, with many animal friends,
her two children when they are not attending college, and her husband
of over twenty years. She actively pursues environmental causes,
animal rights causes, religious tolerance, and women's rights. Her
hobbies in her spare time are, reading good fantasy novels, writing
poetry and short stories, gardening both veggies and herbs,
hiking, fishing, swimming, watching football, camping, and horse back riding.

Yes I do limited commission work, as my schedule permits. All commission work should be booked at least two months in advance, and a deposit is required on all commission work. I also have flexible payment plans for higher priced non commissioned originals, if the buyer is a PayPal user. Please email me for details!

Will do some trading, depending on my schedule.
*Which is very tight at the moment.*


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25 Oct 2004 - 19:06 ET

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Very lovely gallery you have here. The color are vibrant and I found the sculpures very interesting, almost like the works of Brian Froud. ^_^
12 Nov 2004 - 11:48 ET

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thank you for the lovely comments!

12 Aug 2004 - 00:21 ET

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Beautiful artwork you have here ^_^

12 Nov 2004 - 11:47 ET

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Thanks Egg!

Defunct User Account
29 Feb 2004 - 22:17 ET
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I'm truly impressed with your artwork. It's very reminiscent of Brian and Wendy Froud--and absolutely gorgeous. I love faeries very much, and I always love seeing people's interpretations of them. Your vibrant colors are absolutely amazing, and I really love your sculptures. I would love to have one of those! You could definetly make good money selling those--though I don't see how you could bear to part with them. They are just lovely!

I'll have to leave you individual comments. I'm glad you were artist of the day, I hope to see you upload more!

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