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Full Name: Crystal Hinkle
Username: Invader_Dibsocute
Other Aliases: Dibsocute, Mothgirl12, JennyFan12, NiceGAZ,
Joined Side 7: 15 Oct 2003
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Sex: Female
Birthday: 06 Oct 1990
Invader_Dibsocute will be 29 this year.
Location: USA
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Shows I like:Invader ZIM, My Life As a Teenage Robot, Kim Possible, Lizzie McGuire, The Proud Family, That's So Raven, Recess, Powerpuff Girls, Lilo and Stitch, & Teen Titans. (I'm a new fan of that last one)

My fave artists on Side 7:Taryn Sanders, Kelly Marie, Stephanie Buth, and Katelyn Morie

Fave band:No Doubt

Fave singers:Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, P!nk, Hilary Duff and did I mention Britney Spears? (she's my ultimate fave)

Fave Color:Baby blue

Best Friend:Richard Kaloi

Other info:I'm a brand new member to Side 7. I've wanted to join sence, like, EVER. So, I'm finelly a memeber. *happy squeel* I hope you like my artwork. ^_^

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09 Feb 2004 - 21:46 ET

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I love all your stuff (especially the Invader Zim stuff). It's all so cute and fun! ^_^ Keep up the good work!

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