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Birthday: 24 Apr 1992
Location: NJ, USA
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AIM: animegrlnanvile
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  Um........I've only been working on anything art related for 3 years...And.... I want some pastels!! Who am I talking to anyway? It's not like requesting material things is gonna make them instantly appear!?......Alright.........I think I ate a few too many sugar cubes...And now for something completely different!....Despite the fact that a lot of my friends say I should become an artist, I actually want to be a voice actress.

Favorite Color: Baby Blue
Favorite Food: Seasoned Pasta
Favorte Anime: Chrono Crusade/Yami no Matsuei
Favorite Anime Character: Tohma Seguchi [from Gravitation]
Favorite Book: Speak
Favorite Book Character: Cosmo Hill [from The Suprenaturalist]
Favorite Manga: DNAngel and/or Pita-Ten
Favorite Manga Character(s Daisuke Niwa/Kotaru Higuchi
Favorite Video Game: Tales of Symphonia
Favorite Videa Game Character(s Zelos, Sephiroth, Cloud, Kite [from Tales of Symphonia, FF Series, and the .Hack Series]
Favorite TV Show: X Play
Favorite TV Show Character: Morgan Webb
Favorite Movie: Mean Girls
Favorite Movie Character: Karen
Favorite Band: Linkin Park
Favorite Song: Faint


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